Tesla Model S Front License Plate Delete – How-To Video


Model S License Plate Removal

Model S License Plate Removal

It’s come to our attention (via InsideEVs contributor Michael Beinenson who recently took delivery of a refreshed Tesla Model P90DL in Atlanta himself) that Tesla apparently now fits all of its new cars with a front license plate…regardless of legal necessity.

The Tesla store representative in Atlanta says the fitment of the front plate has something to do with crash testing being performed with the plate in place (perhaps pedestrian safety testing?).

Anyways, Model S owners who live in states that don’t require a front plate are inclined to remove that unsightly and certainly not aerodynamic front plate.

Turns out its not that easy to take off. Fortunately, there’s a how-to video showing removal of the plate and it’s a rather straightforward process that only requires a drill, a die grinder, a screwdriver and a heat gun (hair dryer).

Video description:

“This is the how-to video for removing the front license plate of the new facelift Tesla Model S.”

Here are some before and after images of Michael Beinenson’s facelifted Model S:

Tesla Model S Before Front License Plate Delete - Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Tesla Model S Before Front License Plate Delete – Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Tesla Model S Before Front License Plate Delete - Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Tesla Model S Before Front License Plate Delete – Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Tesla Model S Front License Plate - Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Tesla Model S Front License Plate – Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Tesla Model S After Front License Plate Delete - Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Tesla Model S After Front License Plate Delete – Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

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Thanks for the video. My state doesn’t require a front plate. I hope Tesla changes this policy for the Model 3.

Kind of a crazy that you would not require a front plate, maybe Tesla knows that these states will change the rule at sometime.

Not really that crazy. There are 19 states that don’t require a front plate. I don’t see these laws changing any time soon.

New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia

That’s just the list of redneck states.

More like Republican controlled states?

Redneck is a bit harsh for states such as PA and DE.

I’m from Michigan and wouldn’t consider us a “redneck” state or Republican. Michigan has voted Democrat the last 6 elections.

Not really harsh. I’m from Central PA. Redneck is an understatement in the rural areas of pa.

Well I personally think it’s kind of crazy, but I’m not American. While it’s nice and all to have a clean front fascia, front plates have many benefits.

Front plates are really good for accountability. Police ANPRs (LPRs) and members of the public can report dangerous drivers using their front plates; something they would be unable to do if they cannot see the rear of the vehicle. A roaming squad car or mobile plate reader can hot-flag a stolen car on the police database. No front plate reduces the likelihood of illegal vehicles being caught out.

Additionally front plates make it far easier for stolen vehicles to be located, and you can reverse into parking spaces without obscuring your plate.

All in all, front plates are worth the visual cost. They help make roads safer.

Disagree. Stolen cars could just remove the plates or swap them. Do you really think that people who steal cars care about breaking the front license plate rule? And making life easier on plate readers? No thanks.

I’ll keep my money (plates aren’t free) and keep the front of my car plate-free.

You’re welcome to disagree, but none of the above reasons are convincing to me.

Which of these states can you pick up a Tesla in? PA & Florida?

At least in Arizona you can just park it outside, the adhesive will melt, and the plate will fall off.

I’ve come to accept front plates but I still don’t know why law enforcement allows us on their roads without side plates, too.


And roof plates for the helicopter chases.

Thanks for the video. I live in Europe so front plates are 100% mandatory everywhere (to the best of my knowledge)

I believe all of Canada also has mandatory front plates as well. It’s odd that some US states do not require it.

Wrong, Quebec has no front plate.

Thats why I said “I believe”. ***hat.

He’s not an ***hat for correcting you. You’re an ***hat for not checking your facts ahead of time.

If you don’t know something don’t pretend you do and qualify it– check it out.

You should be *thanking* DriverGuy01 for correcting your drivel and doing the research you were obviously too lazy to do yourself.


“Fortunately, there’s a how-to video showing removal of the plate and it’s a rather straightforward process that only requires a drill, a die grinder, a screwdriver and a heat gun (hair dryer).”

You don’t need both a drill and screwdriver. A screwdriver is enough.

…if you have the right security bit that is.
Then a bit screwdriver and a hair dryer is enough and you don’t need a screwdriver, Dremel or angle grinder.

If you’re a *man*, you can just rip it off in 1 pull 😀

Non-nosecone Teslas look best without front plates…

If you have to watch a how to video to remove a license plate mount, then maybe you shouldn’t be touching your new car. And a grinder? Come on, do it the right way and get the right bit fir your screwdriver from Harbor Freight Tools. Probably cost you $3. A lot less than you’ll spend when you slip with that cutting disc! Its at least a $70k car, do it the right way.

I had to watch a video on how to watch that video.

Thanks for making me laugh today kdawg. I needed it.

I went to Harbor. They have never heard of a socket of this design.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

This is a repeat. In CA, they require front plates, but %25 of the cars don’t have one. I take mine off immediately.

Its stupid. How many cars involved in hit and run back away from the scene?

Tires tracks all across your back I can see you’ve had your fun..Jimi Hendrix

How many criminals robbing a store pull in nose first to a parking spot in view of security cameras?

Also, in serious hit and run accidents, sometimes the front license plate or the entire front bumper cover is left at the scene of the accident.

“but %25 of the cars don’t have one. ”

I want to see reference on that statistic…

Maybe CHP needs to do their job?

Oooh No, Tesla driving mall sales. this is good news for Tesla as malls are crying a river these days over foot traffic declines.

People that make videos about how to use tools should first be tool users themselves.

I vote for the front license plate to become completely obsolete. I don’t see why it’s necessary to have two; anyhow, it would be more aerodynamic just to have one in the back. Plus, the front face on many vehicles would be more appealing as seen in the above photo with the Model S without a face plate.

Police number plate recognition cameras basically read the plates of the vehicles both in front AND behind the squad car as they drive along, cross-referencing them on their database.

In the UK, since front plates are mandatory, you could be driving along and a police car in front of you – or even a few car lengths further down the road in front of you – is reading your plate automatically using its ANPR camera. If you lack insurance, taxation, MOT, the vehicle is marked as stolen, etc, etc, it flags up on the system that’s running in the police car.

Without a front plate, police would only be able to recognise vehicles in front, and they would not be able to recognise vehicles coming towards them on the other side of the road, either.

So, yeah, for the sake of a tiny bit of aerodynamics… it’s kind of important to have front plates. It’s strictly enforced in sensible parts of the world.

oh and it also makes stolen cars easier for police to recover.

Does anyone have any proof or evidence that a front plate is hurting aerodynamics in any way? Seems a bit of a stretch to me. The center front of a bluff surface like that is surely a stagnation point and thus has little affect on airflow.

its about looks, not aerodynamics

The article says “…certainly not aerodynamic front plate.”

That was my thought, too. I’m not sure it has a huge effect on aero. But it does look horrific on that Tesla.

Live in CA. no front plate


Want to see my plate? take a couple steps and walk to the back of my car 🙂

We should do a new law that says you can simply stick on a strip of adhesive with the number on it. Ok, maybe the state label at the top too… but that’s all. Let me stick it low on the front… so it can be read by the scanners… and cops… fine… but why mar up the front and screw up the aerodynamics.

Cannot make counterfeiting the license plates too easy, can we. Current plates in whatever country are still quite complex objects, some even having holograms and watermarks in the coating layer – a bit like money. Making them only stickers is an option only when still keeping the security elements.

Well, in the Netherlands the front plate is useful as some parking lots and other access systems read the front plate for billing or access, without it that wouldn’t work.

I bought a ferry ticket online, entered my license plate and when I got to the ferry I didn’t even have to show anything. It recognized the plate and payment and it opened up. Pure win.

Well, not PURE win. You still had to have an ugly front license plate. PURE win would be a system that works seamkessly like that *without* the front plate.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned how superior the Tesla plate mount is compared to other cars. Most other car manufacturers just drill through the bumper cover for the mount. Removing the mount leaves ugly holes. At least the Tesla can be cleanly removed.

Very silly to add front plate holder in all states, hope they don’t drill. That’s the worst.