Tesla Model S Fitted With Bosch Sensors Becomes Australia’s First Self-Driving Car – Video


With $1.2 million worth of support from the Victorian Government in hand, Bosch built and has began road tests of a level 4 autonomous (one below driverless) Tesla Model S prototype.

The car itself is a Tesla shell with Bosch components on board, which according to Australian news are highly advanced compared to other autonomous projects currently on the road.

Apparently, the prototype was built over nine months by 45 people.

Bosch - autonomous Tesla Model S prototype

Bosch – autonomous Tesla Model S prototype

60 additional components were used to make Model S drive independently, including six radars, six LIDARs, high resolution GPS, and a stereo video camera, as well as more than 13 on-board networks and two km of copper wires.

“Using the shell of a Tesla with Bosch components, the manufacturers say the car is 10 years ahead of other self-driving vehicles on the market.

Bosch president Gavin Smith said the car itself was one of only five worldwide built by the Bosch group.

Built over nine months by a team of 45 people, the car is not driverless as it still needs someone behind the wheel.

But it is designed to navigate roads with or without driver input.”

“This one, however, is the most advanced, incorporating some very sophisticated human machine interface, which allows the car to detect which driver is in the passenger seat and change the configuration of it to suit that driver and their preferences.”

source: ABC

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Level 4 can operate fully autonomous – no driver required.

Some unofficially use Level 5 to indicate a car with no steering wheel or pedals.

The advancements are happening so fast…I thought 2025 was going to be a pie in the sky number for fully autonomouse fleets…2022??

The military boys already has it I am sure.

Der Speigel: (Germans dis Tesla autopilot). Who would have thunk it?

Tesla is the ‘Angstgegner’ of Germany

Well, being that Tesla is so far a locked and loaded weapon mainly aimed at the German OEMs luxury sales it isn’t surprising they consider Tesla to be their NEMESIS.

It also explains in what I call the “Tesla Effect” the massive scramble that these laggard German OEMs are making lately with mostly just announcements but behind the scenes some real work on how they are going to compete.

It also explains how some losers connected to the laggard German OEMs like Bertel Schitt/Edward Niedermeyer of the oxymoron “Truth About Cars” is going all out in FUD terms to both try and explain away Tesla’s success and pronounce that Tesla will collapse any day now.

Was also going to add that as Tesla goes forward past the Model 3 into a midrange CUV with the Model Y and especially into pickup trucks they will then start to massively disrupt the laggard American OEMs too.