Tesla Model S First Impressions From Hong Kong – Video


Tesla Model S debuting in Hong Kong back in July, 2014. Along with a few Superchargers already operating.

Tesla Model S debuting in Hong Kong back in July, 2014. Along with a few Superchargers already operating.

The Tesla Model S was recently released in Hong Kong and, as expected, its already well received there.

Some parts of the world still have EV skeptics, but it seems that as soon as they get a chance behind the wheel of the Tesla  Model S, almost, if not all of the skepticism seems to disappear.

The Tesla Model S debunks every negative stereotype linked to BEVs. The range and ability to do cross-country travel are perhaps the strongest stereotype-busting features of the Model S.

In the video above, you will see Ritchie’s Room go over the main features of the Model S, as well as offering his first impressions.

Hong Kong has anticipated the release of the Model S for years now, so we suspect there’s a lot of built up demand.  Hopefully, we’ll get a hold of some sales figures out of Hong Kong to see how the Model S fares there.  The Tesla Roadster was a hit in Hong Kong and we expect the Model S to be popular there too.

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If anyone is interested in what’s happening with EVs in Hong Kong there are some links below.

According to the Environmental Protection Dept. of Hong Kong there are now some 850 electric cars on the road.


On mainland China according to J.L Warren Capital, Tesla has imported over 2800 Model S into China the last few months since deliveries began and now has pre-orders for another 4,000 more.


But weirdly:
‘Almost 3,000 Teslas have been imported to China in the last five months, but only 432 are on the road
One analyst’s explanation: Car ‘scalpers’ may be buying rare $120,000 Teslas and hoping to flip them.’


What the heck is going on?

Look at that smog. They need EVs badly.

Is scalping of Model S going on in China ? I don’t know but it is surely possible in the early days of Tesla’s China roll out. Here’s an article that appeared recently about “scalping” the BMW i8. http://beforeitsnews.com/environment/2014/09/bmw-i8-going-for-50-more-than-sticker-price-2509698.html And there were reports of scalping in the early days of the Chevy Volt. AutoBlog — “Even though some Chevrolet dealers were warned not to sell the Volt above the MSRP, there is a distinct trend around the country where some dealers are trying to make a few extra (thousand) bucks off the popular plug-in vehicle. In fact, Ward’s Auto found a dealer in Florida that is listing a Volt at $65,590. That’s a wee bit more than the car’s $41,000 suggested retail price.” I doubt that Tesla is just shipping cars to China to idly sit on dealer lots until they sell. As far as I know Tesla doesn’t have any true dealer lots. Tesla appears to operate more along the lines of the “just in time” manufacturing philosophy. Old time Detroit auto makers love big “efficient” production runs and that’s why their butts are often in a crack due to excess production and resulting inventory piled up on dealer… Read more »

They are going to load up a ship with Tesla’s, not send them in small batches.

So how the ordering system works in China is a different ball game to how it operates in the US.

It seems probable that like everyone else they take a guess at what demand will be, or as Tesla insist that they always have infinite demand and only have supply problems not demand problems, send all they can manage on the ship and worry about marrying them up with a buyer later.

So we don’t know, and the reason could be anything.

It is certainly a most peculiar situation.

Every Model S sent to China,like everywhere else, is pre purchased with down payment and when they ship another down payment for import duties.

Part of the issue is scalpers another issue is that Model S owners may very well be driving on temporary plates waiting for Tesla to qualify for sales tax exemption. Sales tax is not due until registration.

Very interesting info, especially on the sales tax and temporary plates.

Many thanks.

Unlike most automobiles, the Tesla Model S actually has a customer waiting list and each car is built to customer preferences.

The bottom line is that there is basically no such thing as over-building a generic Model S sedan, since each individual car is built to order.