Tesla Model S First Drive Review from Europe


The first examples of the Tesla Model S are now rolling down some European roads.

Turns Out the Model S is a Blast Across the Pond Too

Turns Out the Model S is a Blast Across the Pond Too

Though the Model S in European trim doesn’t vary significantly from the electric Tesla sedan we see here in the US, most European journalists have not yet had a crack at driving the Model S.

That’s starting to change now as Tesla is getting the media in Europe behind the wheel of its electric sedan.

Though the final verdict is not yet in, some early reports, including this one from Autocar, confirm that the Model S is a special machine that’s capable of forever changing how the world views electric vehicles.

We’re purposely skipping over Autocar’s review, as we’ve all read dozens of Model S reviews by now.  Instead, we’ll jump right o the conclusion:

Should I buy one?

“Our final verdict will have to wait until we’ve spent more time figuring out this landmark machine – so watch this space. But even after just a few hours at the wheel, there seems little question about its towering status. Combining uncompromised performance, refinement and space with viable range and total freedom from the pump, we’d say it’s well worth its premium. It isn’t the perfect big saloon, but what it offers as a direct result of the way it’s propelled seems to dwarf what holds it back.”

“History may even place the Model-S at a critical apex in the development of the modern car, where electric power is transformed from a restrictive to a liberating influence in our collective perception. Many of us already knew that point would come – but who’d have bet such a young company would take us there so soon?”

Uncompromised.  Freedom from the pump.  Worth its premium.  Electric power is transformed from a restrictive to a liberating influence in our collective perception.  Could the words of praise be any stronger?

Source: Autocar

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greatest car ever made

I loved this phrase (from the story above):

” … where electric power is transformed from a restrictive to a liberating influence in our collective perception … ”

That’s exactly what needs to happen, and exactly what will happen.

No information in this article.

First drive? Already weeks ago I sent you this link of the first GERMAN Test in AutoZeitung.
They are known to be more critical, but also loved the Tesla:

It is just INSANELY expensive over here.

I might be able to afford the american price, but the european one?

One deceptive lasting problem, the Model S price is 50 % higher in Europe then in NY while the average income is 50% lower. That’s a catch 22.

I’m sure Europe has rich people too.

But don’t worry, with advancements in car technology, as well as battery technology, we will start seeing ev prices come down. Yes, Teslas are expensive and I certainly cannot afford one. However, what tesla has done is help car manufacturers realize that people not only want better gas mileage, but no gas. Tesla has made a car better than any other major car manufacturer can ever dream of.

Car manufacturers are only now pushing hybrids in all their brand lineups. That simply won’t be enough moving forward. Tesla has set a new standard, and a new race has begun. Just look at what GM recently announced regarding their efforts to compete with tesla.

In Denmark, the 85kWh models costs well over 100,000$ in standard trim, but compared to offer luxury sedans, this is actually cheap. The reason is the danish car tax system, which makes the ICE car cost 3 times the import price, when you put licenseplates on it. So far, the pure BEV’s are free of these heavy taxes, making them a greater contestant to the ICE’s. A danish taxi company has ordered 70!! S’s even though the danish tax system favors ICE’s when it comes to taxi. You only pay 60% in taxes instead of 200 and when it has driven 100,000 km it’s driven “free” and can be sold at market price without paying the missing 140% tax, making it virtually free for the taxi companies to buy ICE’s.