Tesla Model S Firmware 6.0 – Video


As you can see the middle of the instrument cluster is a little different from the previous firmware.

As you can see the middle of the instrument cluster is a little different from the previous firmware.

KmanAuto gives us another Tesla Model S installment, this time with the new 6.0 firmware update, which was recently released.

A few have reported some minor issues/complaints with the previous firmware. Kman and some others who received firmware 6.0 have already given it very positive feedback.

For those who own a Model S, we are interested in hearing what you have to say in regards to the new 6.0 firmware update. Do you have a wish list for the next firmware?

The Model S in the video above is a different from the one that Kman owns.

Kman shows the rest of the new things with Firmware 6.0 in his own Model S in the video below.

6.0 Firmware, Part 2:

Firmware 6.0 release notes:

Firmware 6.0 Release Notes

Firmware 6.0 Release Notes

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As far as I can tell there was no value add for me in 6.0. I didn’t have a great need for the nav features added. What would have been appreciated improvements would have been a “valet” mode, shuffle mode and an improved music interface and in the Nav system the ability to add waypoints and adjust routes by dragging as one can in the goole web page.
That said I still find excuses to go for a drive in my Model S. It is a pleasure to drive!

All the updates make the car “New” again, that’s a real bonus! I’m a fan of geo-fencing. In software update 7.0 I would like some additional selectable features. For example, the car already raises as it approaches my home. I would like it if my Tesla Model S also closed my sunroof, raised all my windows, opened my garage door, and once placed in park, positioned the seat (s) and steering wheel for exit, ajarred my door and opened the charge port door! Rain sensing wipers are already in the car. I would like it as it sensed rain.. it would automatically close the sunroof and turned on the headlights as. The car’s interior lighting: Selectable LED colors for interior ambient lighting. Hey, as long as you’re asking, I’d like to be able to bring to the 17″ display an altimeter, based on location and an airspeed indicator, indicating headwinds on the nose (to assist in my range/supercharger planning. Throw in a digital compass heading readout as well. O.k…. Tango Mike Sierra… Cleared for take off 32 right!! Walkin’, talkin’ & squawkin’ as we rocketship off the gate!!:) Ya gotta know the Salesforce One video had an impact on me:))

My request is simple. Turn down the fans when you use the phone. It gets hard to talk on the phone with the noise. Other than the fan noise, the tesla real quiet