Tesla Model S Finally Gets Rear Seat Console With Storage & Two Cupholders


Tesla Model S - Premium Rear Console.

Tesla Model S – Premium Rear Console. (Image: Tesla Motors)

The Tesla Model S “Premium Rear Console” is now available for those interested in an add-on for the rear-seating area.

(Image: Tesla Motors)

(Image: Tesla Motors)

There’s a storage area and two cup holders with this console. With this console, rear passengers now finally have a place to put beverage and other smaller items (cell phones, wallets, etc.).

The rear console is securely fastened, but can easily be removed.

All variations of the interior seating and decor options are all available in the console. Pricing ranges from $600-700 USD depending on decor.

(Here is the link to the Tesla Model S rear console)

Some additional pictures & specs, per Tesla Motors:

In addition: "When not in use, the console can be stored in the provided protective drawstring pouch." - Tesla Motors

The console can be installed in seconds and will provide the comfort of an armrest with additional storage, including two cup holders. The console can easily be removed to accommodate a third rear seat passenger.” – Tesla Motors.

"The styling and selected materials harmonize perfectly with the interior of your Model S. The armrest is available wrapped with either premium synthetic material or color-matched Nappa leather. Matching décor trim is also included." - Tesla Motors.

The styling and selected materials harmonize perfectly with the interior of your Model S. The armrest is available wrapped with either premium synthetic material or color-matched Nappa leather. Matching décor trim is also included.” – Tesla Motors.

"When not in use, the console can be stored in the provided protective drawstring pouch." - Tesla Motors.

When not in use, the console can be stored in the provided protective drawstring pouch.” – Tesla Motors.

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The now available rear executive seats look more comfortable but cost more than just adding this console…

This is also removable if you need to fold the seats up

It really seems like this should be a part of the seat, not an add-on. For years (decades?) many cars have had center-rear-seat-consoles that can be folded up into the seat. I had a 1997 Grand Prix with this feature. When folded, it made a decent backrest for the center seating position.

Heck, even my Hyundai Sonata has it too.

Fold down for armrests and cup holders, fold up for third passenger.

I wonder if they can actually deliver this one. I’ve been on the waiting list for the front console in my trim for 11 months. Its interesting this is the same price as the front one too.

“When not in use, the console can be stored in the provided protective drawstring pouch.”

LOL. Did they release those patents too?

This is an afterthought/bandaid. It should be integrated into the seat.

Always looking at the negative side of things, I see. Then answer me this: why aren’t child seats built into all vehicles? By your logic, adding them is a lame afterthought, too. Maybe not everyone wants or needs such an option. 😉

If you want cup holders in a vehicle that didn’t have the executive rear seating option available at order time, this is a nifty little add-on that perfectly matches your car’s interior, to help the beverage impaired. When you don’t need it, you can stow it. Pretty cool, actually.

Remember– you can’t take the “ball washer” out of the Volt Gen2, to improve its middle seat access. Too bad GM wasn’t as clever. *shrugs*

And of course, new Tesla vehicles have the option of having the posh executive style seating built in. Giving older owners this flexible retrofit option, is a win-win.

Removing the rear-seat console to use the fifth seat then having to reinstall it is going to be a royal pain in the butt, especially if you have to do it frequently. It will get old real soon. With executive seats you’re stuck with permanently having four seats. Having the console integrated into the center rear seat on future Teslas is the most convenient option.

Can I ring the “whiner BS alarm” now? To hear people like Sven whine about things like this, or even staid EV advocates state the obvious and call it a “Band-Aid” is ridiculous, boys…

If you want an Audi A8 because it has cupholders and an armrest in the backseat – then go right ahead. This is that syndrome where a guy dates a bikini model with a PhD who works with the homeless, yet he sits around with his guy friends complaining that she doesn’t wear high heels!

Maybe these are guys who wouldn’t marry Cindy Crawford because of her mole! L 🙂 L. In other words, you have a vehicle on the market people can buy that can do what non other does, but complainers criticize it because it’s lack of cupholders!


“retrofit”… <—- afterthought.

Look at large cars today w/bench seating in the rear. They have fold-down center consoles. Who's going to keep this thing in a little baggy, then ask people in the back when there happens to be 2 or less, if they would like an arm rest. Then find the baggy, install this arm wrest, strap it down, and then remove it later.

I know you love all things Tesla, and they can do no wrong in your book, but this is just silly. It just goes to show, they are still learning, which is fine. As long as they get all the kinks worked out before the Model 3, since that's when I become a shopper.

Giving folks an option for an option, isn’t a negative. But you still have a full sized, useable middle seat in a Tesla, without a ‘ball washer’ below your groin, as one does in the Volt Gen2.

Tesla learns faster than you give them credit for.

I don’t know why you keep mentioning the Volt. What does it have to do with Tesla’s failure to provide an arm wrest & cup holders in the original Model S design? It’s a full size car with bench seating in the back. Slice it anyway you want, but if they had it to do over, they would have done it right the first time. Honestly I think it’s time for a refresh of the Model S. I’m sure they have learned of a lot of areas for improvement, and it’s looks are becoming even more dated.

Hey K – Maybe they should A) Build out an international fueling system for their cars even faster than they are doing B) Introduce a 2nd gen Roadster C) Put out a full and mid-sized EV truck D)Hurry on up on that Gigafactory, time’s a-wastin’!

Is it Spring Fever I’m hearing here, or maybe just impatience wearing in? IMHO, Tesla has a lot on it’s plate. It’s amazing it’s listening to customers and able to provide ChadeMo adapters and cupholder armrests to it’s long to-do list, to keep customers happy!

So, in your opinion, they’re not doing enough? Remember, we’re talking a small, new company as opposed to behemoth legacy companies that haven’t built a car with Model S capabilities in over 120 years!

I’m hearing a lot of criticism about minutae from the rank and file. It’s like “snap-snap! Tesla get it done! Now!”

What’s up with that?

“Remember, we’re talking a small, new company as opposed to behemoth legacy companies”
That’s exactly my point. Tesla is still learning the ropes. I’m not saying the Model S isn’t a good car, it’s just not “God’s gift to the world”. The drive-train is what makes it special. The rest of the car needs work, but for some reason whenever someone points this out, the Teslestapo police come out of the wordwork, banning any criticism of the car.

Is lack of an armrest really, truly considered criticism?

Fact is – it’s nitpicking.

It’s like saying: “The Saturn V Rocket really lagged behind the Russians, you’d think they could’ve had adjustable lumbar support in the seats”.

Just a funny observation: the profile view of the installation of this definitely looks like a toilet bowl & seat being installed… LOL

this is funny – I love Tesla, but this is such a bandaid.
Designing a modern executive level car with two standard cupholders and minimal storage is just crazy.
It costs an extra $1250 to add the front and rear storage to an already expensive car.

Yeah, Mike I hear ya. Just make a sexy American-made sedan that looks better than a Jaguar and Aston Martin, gets from a dead stop to 60mph faster than a Porsche Turbo, seats 7 has two trunks and uses absolutely zero gas to do this – even build out an international fueling infrastructure while building production lines at Fremont and move swiftly into European and Asian markets….But,

“Gosh darn it, they can’t design a cupholder”!!!! Did somebody suddenly wake up on the planet WTF?!!!!

Forget about Model X, forget about Model III development… Let’s just put in our 2 cents about how Tesla can’t make a cupholder armrest.

You see – All you Tesla whiners are a bit jealous you cannot afford one. You also love to critique from your armchair because you do not understand how revolutionary a Tesla automobile is. Rome was not built in a day, Mike, my friend. Rome was not built in a day.

I feel 90% of this criticism from the cheap seats is motivated out of the fact a Tesla costs $100,000. That really irks a lot of people, evidently. So sit by the wayside and nag and bitch until Model III is finished. WIll you still point out any niggling “fault” then?

– “Ahem, I have an observation….Audi and Mercedes offer rich Corinthian leather and Tesla does not”….humph humph humph

Doesn’t it happen everywhere? In every sport, the viewer thinks the knew more than the coach.

I agree, but there is a difference between constructive criticism, and nit-picking.

even Elon’s kids complained to him about lack of storage and cupholders, so he can’t escape it 🙂
He admits it was a mistake
Which means that at some point it will be fixed and we can move on from 1st world problems.
Who wants to place bets on the Model 3 cupholder count?

We survived almost two year without it. Now it’s time to breakout the plastic and over pay. Wife wants this and the front too because they match the car.

Clearly it’s a bandaid but I have two small kids. They need a place to secure a cup or it’s a mess.

Small kids –> Booster seat with integrated cup holder?

But maybe your metric of “small” is different from mine.

Gee, Brian — While Tesla works 24 hours per day to change the transportation world, I feel your pain, man…

I mean, that Graco cupholder in that child seat just aint gonna hack it fella…After all, you bought a fine luxury car, dammit!!! Maybe you lost sight of the fact that car you have is the best automobile on the planet. Why? It doesn’t use fossil fuels, dude!!!! WOW!!!! It stomps all the legacy cars’capabilities on top of that – and it can seat 7 on top of that – and, it’s drop-dead sexy looking on top of that…and….and….the touch screen…and…and, the proprietary nationwide free fueling infrastructure baked in….

But – you gotta please that wife, sir…you betcha… She’ll nag about a cupholder and you have to go find your man parts that you hid someplace many a moon ago…

Have you tried not having your kids drink beverages in the car? It helps against messes…

Or maybe you should cut down on the desert road trips, which must be the reason why your kids are dehydrated. 🙂

I love Tesla, but it did seem bizarre to me that their idea for a rear seat “cupholder” was a band attached to the front of the back seat, near the floor, to hold steady a cup placed on the floor. Most auto makers seem to be able to put cupholders into recesses in the side panels in the rear, making it convenient for those sitting in the rear seat… and resting the cup on the floor definitely is not convenient!

I can’t figure out why Tesla dropped the ball on this, and why they still haven’t properly fixed it. (They could have at least, as suggested above, have put cupholders into a pull-down panel in the middle seat.) I do roll my eyes when someone gushes over a large car having umpteen cupholders all over the place, and I think reviewers often fixate such things that isn’t really that important. But for Tesla to have none at all in the rear, I regard as a failure of planning.

Hopefully Tesla will do better with the Model X.

Perfection is a moving target, Lensman – it’s not enough that the car has capabilities vs. other high-end cars that make them look like Stanley Steamers.

I don’t remember exactly with what (might have to do with the retracting door handles), but I remember the door panels being already filled such that they don’t have room for door pockets.

Ack! Thanks for the reality check, JakeY.

I guess it shows how long it’s been since I rode in the back seat of a 4-door sedan, that I forgot such things as rolling down the windows will interfere with the placement of rear seat cupholders. (In our van, only the front seat windows roll down.)

But then, I grew up in an era in which -no- cars had built-in cupholders. I find that a welcome luxury.

When is Tesla going to come out with a Tesla-branded block to put under the brake pedal for when the vehicle is on display. Using a generic wood block is so gauche. 😉


Chinese wood is apparently not sufficient for the task…


So is the old rear seat cup holder option no longer available?

Only in (north-) America are cars measured by the number of cup holders 🙂

We did invent the drive through

True that, Bob – is it any wonder we elect our leaders based upon how they look?

Rear seat cup holders…*burr*… can it get more white trash than that?

They could make them big enough to hold a “Big Gulp”. Would that do?

I actually love the pocket in the center console of my Volt for just that reason. It can hold Big Gulps, Gatorades, and 2-liter bottles.

Kinda sad it will be gone in the Next Gen.

After googling what a “Big Gulp” was I have to agree that a rear seat cup holder that could hold those would increase the “white trash”-factor. 🙂

If you had to Google “Big Gulp”, I’m surprised you knew what white trash meant.

+1, english is a cruel mistress when it comes to nuance.

Cool down a bit ! it is a cupholder and it is optional.
Good as most of us prefer to not have drinkers in the backseat get so messy.

I love Tesla! That said, this is kind of lame. They really do need to build this into the seat back.