Tesla Model S Driven By Royalty At F1 Monaco Grand Prix


Model S In Monaco

Model S In Monaco

At the opening of the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene drove a Tesla Model S on the track:

“Prince Albert & Princess Charlene drove a Tesla around the track to open the F1 Monaco Grand Prix!”

States Tesla Motors.

Prince Albert, a plug-in vehicle supporter, is no stranger to electric vehicles.  It seems he’s seen all of the exotic electrics out there, including the world’s fastest electric vehicle, the Venturi VBB-3.

As for the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s a Formula One motor race held on the Circuit de Monaco.  It’s is widely considered to be the most prestigious automobile race in the world.

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That’s rich!

He could order a dual motor Tesla and beat any F1 car and driver round the track!

You couldn’t possibly believe that. It takes far more than power to be competitive. Your dual motor Tesla would be a road block, lol.

Hej 13Volt,
Try this site. The White Zombie is faster than any F1, and it has two DC motors.
Here are the F1 bikes.

Monaco has…turns.

That is better for an EV.

The amount of downforce F1 cars make is enough to allow them to drive UPSIDE DOWN. That is why the Tesla won’t give an F1 car any competition on a twisty track.

Yes but a f1 have way more gripp in the corners and can ceep a much much higer velocity trew out the course.
The trick is to balance weight/power/downforce and gripp so that you gett tha fastest avrage speed per lap.
To make somthing go realy fast in a straight line is the easy part.
Formula E might be very interesting a couple of generations in tho 🙂

Was Elon there? Did he talk to Tony Stark about making an electric jet? 😉

No, Mr. Stark got the idea from Elon… 😉