Tesla Model S Driven By Royalty At F1 Monaco Grand Prix


Model S In Monaco

Model S In Monaco

At the opening of the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene drove a Tesla Model S on the track:

“Prince Albert & Princess Charlene drove a Tesla around the track to open the F1 Monaco Grand Prix!”

States Tesla Motors.

Prince Albert, a plug-in vehicle supporter, is no stranger to electric vehicles.  It seems he’s seen all of the exotic electrics out there, including the world’s fastest electric vehicle, the Venturi VBB-3.

As for the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s a Formula One motor race held on the Circuit de Monaco.  It’s is widely considered to be the most prestigious automobile race in the world.

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11 responses to "Tesla Model S Driven By Royalty At F1 Monaco Grand Prix"
  1. pjwood says:

    That’s rich!

  2. Alaa says:

    He could order a dual motor Tesla and beat any F1 car and driver round the track!

    1. 13Volt says:

      You couldn’t possibly believe that. It takes far more than power to be competitive. Your dual motor Tesla would be a road block, lol.

      1. Alaa says:

        Hej 13Volt,
        Try this site. The White Zombie is faster than any F1, and it has two DC motors.
        Here are the F1 bikes.

        1. pjwood says:

          Monaco has…turns.

          1. Alaa says:

            That is better for an EV.

            1. Aaron says:

              The amount of downforce F1 cars make is enough to allow them to drive UPSIDE DOWN. That is why the Tesla won’t give an F1 car any competition on a twisty track.

        2. Kalle says:

          Yes but a f1 have way more gripp in the corners and can ceep a much much higer velocity trew out the course.
          The trick is to balance weight/power/downforce and gripp so that you gett tha fastest avrage speed per lap.
          To make somthing go realy fast in a straight line is the easy part.
          Formula E might be very interesting a couple of generations in tho 🙂

  3. Anthony says:

    Was Elon there? Did he talk to Tony Stark about making an electric jet? 😉

      1. Anon says:

        No, Mr. Stark got the idea from Elon… 😉