Tesla Model S Driven 1,900 Miles From Calgary To Disneyland


The Route

The Route

Tesla Model S road trip from coast-to-coast in the U.S. are increasingly common these days, but venturing from Canada to Southern California in a Model S is exceptionally rare.

This video shows the journey from Calgary, Alberta (Canada) to Disneyland (Anaheim, California).  The video is quite lengthy (we won’t make you watch and ask questions later), but we showcased it more just to prove that it can be done without too many hiccups along the way.

Video description:

Tesla Model S drive to Disneyland

3100KM’s driven, 60 hours traveling, 16 superchargers visited, 5 family meals, $3.40 in electricity costs for the drive, 2 Motel Stays, 1 Mass attended and my family of six arrives at Disneyland to continue the adventure.

Living the dream. Just another day in our lives.

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Hey check out Mike’s other video where puts his Tesla thru the rigours Of Calgary Winter driving

tesla005 Tesla Model S vs Winter HD

This is barely winter. I want to see plowing though snow on ice.

I have a Kia Soul EV with winter tires, NOKIAN HAKKAPELIITTA and it is awesome , it doesn’t have the range of his Tesla but it handles great due to the batteries being flat in the middle, like a mid-engine GAS car, center of gravity is in the middle

and having the ability to preheat while it is plugged in charging is priceless….

not to mention it only costs me $17.00 a month to drive 3,000 km…. works out to the equivalent of 138 eMPG if it was a gas vehicle….


Where did you buy you’re Kia Soul EV.
I’m interested in getting one.

Thank You, John

I bought it at Kia West in Coquitlam, BC… back in March this year…

It is a demo, I lucked out, it has 400 km on it… and they must have felt bad and sold it to me… seeing I am from Calgary…

it appears that they have two in stock as of today..


This past summer, a Model S owner with Yukon, NWT plates (much farther north in Canada) drove to the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.

That song gets quite annoying after a couple of repetitions.

then turn down your volume..sheesh…. complainers will complain …

Great drive over 3,000km

Free International Charging / Driving.


Where’s your Fast DC Charging Network: Ford, Chrysler, GM?

None of the those manufacturers have extended range EVs, so why should they build out a charging network? Charging technology is evolving rapidly; it makes no sense to build something that will be obsolete before the first car uses it.

Congrats on the awesome drive!

That was enjoyable to watch, and I watched the whole video. Great tune also, never get tired of hearing it. Better than watching a movie these days.

Glad to hear you take time to go to Mass.

Late Spring or Early Fall trip would be better, with less rain, and more sunshine. I’ve driven down the coast from Vancouver to San Francisco (gas rental car), and really enjoyed that drive.

It’s my experience that families rich enough to own a Tesla fly to Disneyland rather than drive. While a nation spanning network is useful for “checklist marketing” most users will use L3 chargers closer to home: skiing, camping, trips to the beach, state and national parks, summer cabins, etc. Most of these trips are less than 250 miles away. Placing L3 chargers closer to recreation facilities would be more useful than creating more cross country routes.