Tesla Model S Tops List Of Dream Cars For Men And Millennials

Tesla Model S

JAN 24 2018 BY EVANNEX 30

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S at a company store (Instagram: dual.ctzn)


The Tesla Model S has won its share of awards and accolades since its launch in 2012. Sure, critics seem to love Tesla’s flagship sedan but what about Joe Public? According to a new survey of 2,000 of American-based car owners, both millennials and men chose the Tesla Model S as their top ‘dream car’ pick. But that’s not all — the Tesla Model S was also chosen as ‘dream car’ in a variety of other segments as well.

The Detroit Free Press spoke with Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst at Edmunds, who didn’t seem surprised by the results. Caldwell explains, “Elon Musk has cultivated a devout following over the years that transcends beyond the typical car enthusiast audience. Take a look at the hundreds of thousands of down payments that were made toward the Model 3 sight unseen — it’s clear that he’s converted faithful masses to his gospel.”

While Ford Mustang was the survey’s overall top ‘dream car’ pick, survey results varied considerably by sex, age, geographic region, and level of automotive expertise. It’s reported that “Women rank the Jeep Wrangler as their top ‘dream car,’ while men opt for a Tesla Model S.” Looking at different age brackets: “The survey’s generational age breakdown showed millennials prefer Tesla, Gen X prefers Camaro and baby boomers prefer Corvette.”

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Tesla Model S

Model S takes it to the streets (Instagram: gianluca.home.entertainment)

The survey’s ‘dream car’ picks also varied by geographic region. That said, Tesla’s Model S won the vast majority of U.S. regions surveyed. To that end, “A geography breakdown showed Tesla ranked as the most popular vehicle in the Pacific, the Northwest and Southwest, while drivers in the Midwest and Southeast chose Mustang. Mountain state drivers selected the Range Rover.”

It’s likely most gearheads who label themselves “car experts” are more familiar with the internal combustion engine than electric vehicles. That said, it’s no surprise that an internal combustion engine car, the Ford Mustang, was the top ‘dream car’ for that particular crowd. But what about everyday folks who consider themselves “not knowledgeable” in this domain? It turns out that group chose the all-electric Tesla Model S as their top ‘dream car’ pick.

Tesla Model S

Enjoying the sunset in a Tesla (Instagram: iain_motorvate)

How was this ‘dream car’ survey conducted? “The survey was performed by Gold Eagle at the end of October and into the first two weeks of November using the Amazon Mechanical Turk Platform, which is similar to the popular SurveyMonkey. Data was released in January 2018. Gold Eagle carefully screens participants to meet a series of qualifying categories prior to the survey.”



Source: Detroit Free Press via Gold Eagle

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

My dream is a Crew Cab Pickup 4×4 that can go 250miles and supercharge at 150KW+.

seems like Tesla needs to release an off-road vehicle for their Alaskan fan

Yes, Musk is merely snake oil salesman, a huckster, a charlatan, an evangelical ev pusher, who has mesmerized a significant portion of the “not knowledgeable” population with his vision./s

Wow, you dont let up do you?

True. I am going to put the Hammer Down.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Musk also Runs a successful Rocket company that Re-Lands used Rockets after Flight & ReFlys them again & again …That Takes “Some Kinda Snake oil” to Accomplish that! Musk Is The 1st One In the History Of the World’s Rocket Science That has Succeeded In Doing This……S0…….Eat Your Heart Out!!!

Sounds like your confusing Musk with P. Barnum Trump.
Still can’t believe Trump has 35 million supporter’s and I guess your one of them.

Chill out. The “/s” tag at the end of Ffbj’s post indicates “sarcasm”.

Ffbj is one of the good guys.


Dudes! Chill! “/s” = sarcasm!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Anyone know what the output is at Freemont now?

Guessing 450-500/week.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I hope so.

“Anyone know what the output is at Freemont now?

“Guessing 450-500/week.”

I would hope it’s higher than that! Tesla said it had achieved a daily rate on the TM3 production line, in the last week of 2017, that was equal to 1000/week. Of course that was the “end of year push” so we should expect the daily run rate dropped back somewhat at the beginning of the year, but still I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not too far from an actual production of 1000/week by now, on the Model 3 line alone.

Aside from the TM3’s, Tesla produced about 100,000 MS and MX units last year, and that comes to ~1900 per week, all from the Fremont plant.

So I would guesstimate something like 2500-2900 per week for current Tesla production.

Just the MS+MX are at 1800/week. If you mean the M3, it is above 1000/week for sure!

The map of how people define a dream car seems to indicate that solid GOP country (the red states on the electoral map) prefer luxury to efficiency. No surprise there I suppose.

Does anyone really care about what 20 something year olds who live in their parents basement think? I mean if they had the purchasing power then maybe but…

And who exactly are these men they survey as well?

If you take 40 men from each state I would seriously doubt any Tesla would be at the top of the list. Heck, it’d probably be a truck if that were allowed. Now, if they did the survey in down town San Francisco than you betcha I would believe they got those results!

Not to mention when your survey has in it an 80k+ car compared to 20k’ish cars what do you think they are going to pick?

I’ve got an idea for a survey.

Which one of these would you rather have?

Arm Amputation

Chances are Tesla would top the list!

Yes. Chances are.

@DJ said: “Does anyone really care about what 20 something year olds who live in their parents basement think?…”

Yes… if you want to get an early indicator of where/how downstream consumer preferences are shifting.

As those 20 something transition to wage earning buying consumers they will greatly influence what products are bought and sold.

It was a joke BTW 🙂

But seriously though this survey is rigged. They are comparing any Tesla to one specific model and again at completely different price points. As my unscientific survey has shown people would prefer a Tesla over those other things. When you stack the survey it’s pretty obvious what the outcome will be.

I’d rather have discussion threads free of disgusting anti-social trolls like you.

BTW, moron, the term “millennials” can refer to someone born as long ago as the early 1980s. And if you’re talking about someone in his late thirties still living in his parents’ basement… then perhaps you’re talking about yourself.

Thanks for clarifying “millennials” are born from year 1981+. Good to know!

Why is it that all you can ever do is attack the poster and not the message? Could it be because it is spot on!?!?!?

While you may wish I didn’t post in this thread I am willing to bet many people wish your parents used a rubber when you were conceived. The world at large would be better without you.

Such hatred and always calling people names simply because you don’t agree with what they have to say. No need for people like you in a civilied society. You seem to have this need to try and bully people. I don’t really care why you feel the need but perhaps you need to see a shrink about it. Must be a sad life having such disdain for people and it isn’t ever too late to change.

Seriously do us all a favor and stop being such a rude ahole for no reason. We know you likely can’t but hey you have to at least ask once in awhile.

So half the country wants luxury, the other half efficiency.

A luxurious Tesla Model S/X seems about right for the typical American it seems.

Shouldn’t romanticize. A lot of the reasons Teslas first sold, was because the “gear heads” who bought them were confident it could be done.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“And who exactly are these men they survey as well?”


Testosterone vs estrogen.

The relative preference by men:

1. Tesla
2. Corvette
3. Camaro
4. Mustang
5. Jeep Wrangler


1. Jeep Wrangler
2. Mustang
3. Camaro
4. Corvette
5. Tesla

Can you guess which list also generally reflects relative annual US sales?

Here’s why –


Given a free choice, I’d choose the Bolt. Among the cars listed, yeah, I’d have to choose the Tesla.

The only car there that doesn’t stand out for performance is the Jeep, so I guess that’s why women preferred it.

Is this supposed to be “dream car” or “prefered among this given list of american cars & range rover”…so no one dreams of a Ferrari /Lambo /Bimmer /Porsche/Bugatti…not even “american” things like a Ford F-150 Raptor or o Cadillac Escalade?, I just don’t buy that anyone would pick a Mustang or Camaro as a dream car. And when it comes to Tesla. Model S over Model Roadster 2.0?, really tje same Corvette/Camaro loving crowd would prefer an “Old school” big 4 door sedan?… I just don’t buy this “results”