Tesla Model S Draws Massive Crowd in Ukraine – Video


Though Tesla Motors’ website officially lists zero stores and zero service centers in Ukraine, it’s still a highly popular automaker there.

Tesla Model S in Ukraine

Tesla Model S in Ukraine

For proof, one need look no further than this video in which a Tesla Model S was on display in Ukraine.  The crowd turn out is way higher than we would’ve expected.

While the Tesla Model S is currently available in most Western European countries, most of the Eastern portions of Europe are still without the Model S.

There have been some sales of the Model S in Eastern European countries, though without stores or service centers it could be a bit problematic to take delivery and to get a Model S in for service.

Regardless of that, Tesla is expanding its reach across Europe by conducting several ride and drive events like this one in Ukraine.

As you’ll see in the video, the EV grin is a worldwide craze that follows the Model S no matter where it goes.

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Nice to give folks there something positive!!!

The first girl on the test drive will need to dry her panties when she gets back home.

I was expecting some Russian guys to occupy it and refuse to leave.


Well played, sir.

They could have voted for sovereignty through the touchscreen.

Interesting story from Model S owner in Bugaria. There is now service centre or Tesla store, not even test drive over here. via google translate: At one point the car started pulling to the right when accelerating. After an email to Tesla service center in Vienna (1300km away) they asked him to check the chassis in local service. They found the problem, loose bolts on rear lower wishbone and anti-roll bar nut. Tighten them , but after 2-3 days the problem reappeared . He went back into the workshop and they found that these elements of the suspension are broken threading and tightening does not help, they need to be replaced. Victor made ​​a video and sent it to the workshop in Vienna. Two days later they caled him to ask for the car to be driven to them for inspection and replacement of elements. They sent a tow truck and offered a replacement Model S, but Victor refused. Two weeks later they returned the car in Sofia with indoor luxury truck, and transport in both directions at the expense of Tesla Motors (more than 2 600km in both directions). To us (ecars.bg) sounds like a pretty cool service ,… Read more »

Given other stories like this, it’s good news, but not a big surprise. That’s how Tesla rolls.

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

I liked the random shot of the girls butts (that’s at 0:53 fellas)

Perhaps Vladimir Putin’s new puppet Ukrainian president could purchase one on the backs of the Ukrainian people. Ousted President Viktor Yanukovych might also be able to afford a shiny new Tesla as he sits in Russia claiming one day he’ll return to fleece his old nation once more. These people look so happy to drink champagne and test drive Teslas whilst tanks amass along their borders and Russian plants take over town halls and government offices.

I guess this is all easily explained when you see how Yanukovych lived like THIS on a $25,000/year salary –

Perhaps it’s like, “oh well, Putin’s going to rule over us – nothing will any different”…?

To give a local perspective, the new Ukrainian president is not going to be Putin’s puppet and this is exactly the reason he is making war.

Elon could get huge support by installing superchargers on E40 going through Ukraine substituting some of Putin’s oil.

It’s seriously all about oil. Whilst some American politicians seem bent on running on a full-bore Keystone Pipeline platform, and never give a thought to the environmental impact of fracking – we watch Putin use oil to placate Western Europe and hold his oil reserves over their heads while he returns to Soviet Cold War
rule over all of Western Europe.

You’d think this alone would send Western Europeans in droves to electric car dealers – but sadly, it’s apathy and ignorance that allows dynastic thugs to gain power.

I don’t know. I think this Putin-the-thug episode will cause Europe to look to adopt renewable energy and EVs even more.

They had been in quite a backlash lately but that is because they subsidies for green energy were quite generous and they installed a lot of renewable energy when it was expensive. So they’ve cut back on the subsidies. But in view of Putin’s actions, I think renewables & EVs will continue to get good support.

If Germany can use their nukes to displace some oil & gas from Russia, I’d like to seem them keep their existing nukes open.

I’m no expert, but from what I’ve read, solar in Germany took a political hit because their version of net-meetering included a fixed, and high, buy-back rate for the power companies.

In the US, it is usually straight net-metering, where the power company pays you for any excess electricity generation at the end of the monthly billing cycle at the market rate.

Nice video. That music sampling, they called it stealing in my day, was really poorly done. Variations on that 3 chord progression. So I guess “Hit It!” Must mean take a famous chord progression copy it, and claim it as your own.