Tesla Model S Dominates Electric Car Sales In New York

MAY 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 24

2015 Nissan LEAF

2015 Nissan LEAF

DC Car Geek released a report on all-electric car sales in New York state.

As it turns out, some 51% of all registered BEVs are Tesla.

Out of 2,615 registrations for the top 10 brands, Tesla has 1,399, while second best Nissan just 535. Of course, somewhere there should be the Chevrolet Volt, but the report doesn’t include anything with engine.

smart ed with 198 is relatively high.

In general, there are not much BEVs in NY compared to leading states.

Tesla Motors’ registrations break down to 1,360 for Model S and 39 for Roadster.

If you spot a Tesla Model S in NY, most likely it is blue, grey or black.

Top 10 EV currently registered with the State of New York - DC Car Geek

Top 10 EV (brands) currently registered with the State of New York – DC Car Geek

Source: DC Car Geek via Green Car Reports

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Answers the question about how much subsidies and rebates change sales. The rich will still buy electric, but the middle class folks need the subsidies to justify the purchase. LEAF and other small battery electrics benefit more greatly from the government buying them a battery.

Even with rebates and subsidies to purchase an EV, the confiscatory electric rates in downstate New York (NYC, Westchester County, Nassau County, and Suffolk County) make it difficult, if not impossible, for the middle class to financially justify the purchase of an EV. These downstate areas comprise 62% of population of NYS (12.3 million out of 19.75 million people). Would you buy an EV if it cost you $0.31/kWh (NYC & Westchester) or $.46/kWh (Nassau and Suffolk) to charge?

NYC and Westchester rates:

Nassau and Suffolk rates (page 5):

those electric rates are so high that it would be less expensive to drive an ICE!

Pardon my dumb, but since when are Nassau and Suffolk counties ever referred to as “Downstate”? When I lived in Nassau, it was simply called “The Island”.

You have to live upstate (way upstate), and then everything south of Putnam becomes “downstate”. But you’re right, Long Island is practically a different state in its own right. My family is from Amityville (yes, THAT Amityville), and it’s usually referred to as “Amityville, LI” (Long Island), and not “Amityville, NY” by the locals.

The pictures atop this article of a Model S and a Leaf say it all. The Model S sells because it is compelling in it’s own right no matter what it’s powertrain is. The Leaf on the other hand is a Butt Ugly Appliance and it’s sales would no doubt be much less if it were conventionally powered because it’s plain Ugly. It Sells due to being Electric as opposed to selling because it is an inspired compelling design “that just happened to be electric”

Tesla is also opening up a supercharger or two every week. Meanwhile it has been over nine weeks and only two new quick chargers have opened for Nissan.

Desperated paid Tesla agent must write the same FUD everywhere to defend their overpriced ugly Model S.

Perhaps your subjective opinion is that the Model S is ugly. But objectively, that is certainly not a very popular opinion.

CounterStrike Cat said:

“Desperated [sic] paid Tesla agent must write the same FUD everywhere to defend their overpriced ugly Model S.”

That’s factually incorrect: FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), such as what you wrote there, is negative. What you’re responding to was quite positive.

But that aside: Desperate TSLA short-sellers must write the same FUD everywhere to try (but fail again and again) to stave off the next short squeeze.

And too bad you think you have to call one of the most beautiful cars made today “ugly”, not because it’s what you actually think, but merely because you’re afraid your short-selling is going to tank… yet again.

while i don’t particularly care for the front end design of the Model S, i do think that it is a pretty nice looking car. but the statement that the Model S is “one of the most beautiful cars made today” comes about because you’re an EV enthusiast and what is most “beautiful” to you is the EV range. as to appearance, the appearance of the Model S is derivative of a Jaguar.

Its amazing how many people want to have an “ugly car”. Too bad Ford didn’t have that kind of luck with the Edsel.

people wanting an “ugly” car? you mean like the BMW i3? (although my personal observation is that the exterior of the i3 looks like that of cars that cost half the price)

isn’t it amazing what having the “right” hood ornament can do for a car?

Nice to see the NY rich joining the LA and SF Bay Area rich loving the Tesla Model S as an alternative to the Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, Lexuses, and other luxury cars they were buying.

i suspect that many of these people are buying Teslas *in addition* to buying Bmers, Benzos, &c.

Add the rich in New Zealand to that list, we want to buy the Tesla but they will not sell here. it levels no choice but to buy Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, and others, all non EV’s

How the hell does Toyota get 88 when they’re not including anything with an engine? I know there are 5 RAV4 EVs confirmed in NY state. I doubt there are more than 8, much less 88.


And how does Honda get 123? Did they even sell the Fit EV in NY?

Numbers seem a bit bogus unless they are including PHEVs.

The FIT EV is available in NY, and has been for a couple of years now. I know two people who drive them. The Accord PHEV is available too, but doesn’t sell in any appreciable numbers. I can believe that there are 123 FIT EVs state-wide.

Wow. I didn’t know that. I assumed they didn’t sell it there because they got no CARB ZEV credits and they probably lost money on it.

I can easily believe the Honda number. I cannot believe the Toyota number.

“New Yoek state” – is this the author’s attempt at a Brooklyn accent? 😉

This doesn’t surprise me at all. NY is actually a fairly large state (for the northeast, anyway). Our cities are spread out and people travel long distances. Most people I know will somewhat frequently travel out of state. That and our winters are cold, so winter range truly is about half of summer range.

I love my Leaf, but in its current iteration, it is not a good fit for most New Yorkers.

“I love my Leaf, but in its current iteration, it is not a good fit for most New Yorkers.”

I was also going to say this Brian. LEAFs make a lot of sense in Atlanta or California, but nobody wants to get caught in a blizzard with 84 miles of range. When the LEAF offers more range (and the i3, Spark, Bolt, etc.), I predict they will sell better in all markets. Tesla is the only car with any practical range.

I love how these always turn into (degenerate) comments by people with IQs of six.