Tesla Model S Disneyland Road Trip (w/video)


Disneyland Road Trip In A Tesla Model S - Image Via Tesla

Disneyland Road Trip In A Tesla Model S – Image Via Tesla

Tammy Subasic, her husband Michael, and their 4 children recently took a road trip from Calgary to Anaheim in their new Telsa Model S. The trip was comprised of 121 hours of driving, 6,200km (3,853 miles), and 31 Supercharger station stops.

The family had only taken the car on local trips and were looking for an opportunity to travel in it. When they finally had a number of days free, they chose Disneyland as a destination. This trip would take them through the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and BC, and then into the US through Washington, Oregon and California.

What a great drive to truly experience the potential of their new Tesla! The Model S 85 D, with all-wheel drive and snow tires, performed as expected through the mountains in the rain and snow. The autopilot mode came in very handy as Michael drove many long hours.

They carefully planned their trip around the network of Tesla Superchargers. Tammy explained, “Going from one Supercharger to the next was effortless. They are spaced so that they are easily reached between charges, and we could always grab a bite and relax while we charged. We found that stopping every three or four hours to charge was great as it gave us time to rest, stretch, and recharge. The perfect balance for a long trip.” 

The family of 6 fit nicely in the vehicle. They used a Thule car topper for their 6 suitcases, and put 2 kids in the rear-facing jump seats in back. Tammy shared, “The border guard checked on the kids in the jump-seats, as they couldn’t believe there were actually seats back there! Several people asked about the rear facing jump seats when they saw all four kids jump out of the car (two from the trunk).”

Tammy pointed out that they found instant connections with other Tesla owners that they met along the way. As they got closer to Disneyland, there were more, larger stations and an abundance of Teslas. “Our kids made it a game – how many Teslas would we see on the trip?”, Tammy said.

The Subasic family arrived safely at their destination early Monday morning, just in time to enjoy Disneyland for their daughter’s birthday!

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This reminds me of a trip I made from BC to Scottsdale and back. I planned yhe trip carefilly to, based on filling up with gas at the best places, and my total gas money spent was about $2 below my planned $121 budget! It was winter, 1984!

This reminds me of a trip I made from BC to Scottsdale and back. I planned the trip carefilly too, based on filling up with gas at the best places, and my total gas money spent was about $2 below my planned $121 budget! It was winter, 1984!

Canada is so pretty!

I like the way it is in metric, the USA needs to change to metric.

Technically, we did. Look at the measurements on packages in your local grocery store.

The problem is they was no government mandate to stop using the old system.

Holy crap, 3.100km one way just to get to Disneyland.
And 121 hours spent in the car. No way I would have done that.

I think that is round trip. Google maps says its 1567 miles one way and 23 hours of driving. The driving time seems a little long.

‘Der Weg ist das Ziel’ (The journey is the reward)

It would be insane to do that just from A to B, but if its a road trip where you enjoy all the sight-seeing on the way and there are plenty of destinations beyond just supercharging, then it could be a fabulous adventure.

I don’t think Google maps takes charging time into account when calculating the drive time? Perhaps? Just a thought.

Sounds like a great trip. And I love that Disneyland has implemented multiple Electric Vehicle Charging Stations since January 2014, they are always on the cusp of new technologies. The most plentiful selection of these stations also happen to be located in the most convent location. 20 charging ports can be found on the first floor of the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, which is the most commonly used parking facility in the resort. – John Glass (author, 100 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Disneyland 2016; facebook.com/100Disneyland )

Thanks John, good to see you around, (=

Just as a personal note, I have used these spots (and the ones available at Epcot in Florida).

I have to confess, I probably didn’t need the charge at all (had ~150+ miles of range still on tap on most occasions), but the location/proximity to the park is just too good to pass up.


This is the parking structure at Disneyland (10 2-port ChargePoint units/pay) and the bay inside:

That’s awesome.

What, no dead aunt tied to the roof? No Tesla Super-charger interludes with Christie Brinkley? No empty leash hooked to the rear bumper? That’s no family vacation trip!

Thank goodness Michael did the driving at night. I hear the Superchargers between Sacramento and LA had crazy waits in December, what with every Bay Area yuppie going to Disneyland.

2 hour waits!!! That’s without Model III’s clamoring for charge.

Since this was done in early November I don’t think it was crowded.

Around 1h 02m, looks there’s a nasty windshield crack on the Tesla that goes horizontally across the driver’s side.

Wow, they drove with a roof rack for the luggage? That must have been a pretty big hit to range. Impressive they could still do it, apparently pretty easily.

Am I the only person who initially saw the name as Sub-Basic?