Tesla Model S Design Team Interviewed – 20-Minute Video


“Barry Katz, Professor of Industrial and Interaction and Design, California College of the Arts; Fellow, IDEO, interviews Franz von Holzhausen, Bernard Lee, and David Imai from the Tesla Model S Design Team, the 2014 Magical Team Honoree.”

Left to right. Barry Katz, Franz von Holzhausen, Bernard Lee, & David Imai.

Left to right. Barry Katz, Franz von Holzhausen, Bernard Lee, & David Imai.

States the video description.

Want to see the Tesla Model S design team interviewed? Here’s your rare chance to watch and listen as the Tesla designer tell the story.

One of the takeaways is that Tesla Motors and the design team really thought outside the box in order to debunk some of the negative stereotypes typically associated with electric cars.

Bonus: If you interested in watching/listening to the full 108-minute-long video of The Churchill’s 2014, then you can check that out here.

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Before I watch a 108 minute video, is there any mention of working on the design of the Model 3?


Agreed. Also is the full 108 just the Tesla guys or was this the full Tesla segment?

I skimmed it real quick. It looks like that was the only Tesla segment.

Funny, when any of the Tesla/SpaceX employees get asked about Elon, everyone has this smirk on their faces. I am guessing Elon as a boss would be very close to what good old Stevie used to be. Reading between the lines would be like, yeah Elon can be a gigantic a-hole, but thanks to that the product is great. Anyway, good luck to Elon and good luck to people working for him…

only wimps cant handle a-holes

And thanks to working with Aholes like Elon they bought really nice houses in Palo Alto when their stock options materialized.

Cool to learn that the idea for Model S, occurred inside a tented area in the back of SpaceX…

And they didn’t talk much about Model X… WTF is it??? *looks at watch*

Interesting find. Thanks.