Tesla Model S Dash Cam Footage Leads To Arrest – (w/video)


Drag Times contributor, Brooks Weisblat, recently had his prized Tesla Model S broken into. The thief broke out the rear passenger window to get a bag that was sitting on the back seat. The thief returned and attempted to break out the rear window to access the trunk.

BlackVue HD Dash Cam

BlackVue HD Dash Cam

Inside the bag was and iPad, along with some accessories for a drone. Fortunately for Brooks, the drone was not in the vehicle, however, the thief may have assumed it was, bringing him back for a second attempt. Even better news is that Brooks got all of his belongings back and his car fixed. The total theft and damage added up to $2193.70.

Brooks had a BlackVue HD camera installed in the vehicle above the rear view mirror. The camera was capable of recording the incident and provided details including license plate and the thief’s identity. Footage was clear enough to see tatoos on the thief. The perpetrator was arrested and charged with three felonies.

Brooks Weisblat had the camera installed primarily for recording races. He is well-known for drag racing his Tesla against other fast exotic vehicles, but in this case the camera caught a thief, not racing action.

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All cars should be factory fitted with this cam.

So glad they caught this perp. Had I had some kind of Camera fitted years ago, maybe when my car was broken into, I would gave been so lucky to get my stuff back: 2 suitcases, including pilot logbook, and aircraft hand held radio transceiver! Actually, Factory Fitted could do one better: a 4-Camera HD Security Package would be a great option! One forward facing in/at the Rear View Mirror, one Aft/Back facing at the same area – to give full back sear and rear window coverage, plus two more – one in each ‘A’ pillar facing in, that cover the view from the opposite ‘A’ pillar on one side, to the back edge of the back door on the other edge! My original idea for this 4-Camera In-Car Security setup was imagined after sitting in Night Court, watching people lose to Cops on Seat Belt charges, for not wearing, but no one could provide any solid proof that, at the time they were pulled over, they actually had their Seat Belt securely on! I figured it would take such a setup to show all Driver and Passenger views and angles, to prove otherwise, and some years later, I realized… Read more »

And the cost will be almost nothing!

Robert Weekley said:
“Actually, Factory Fitted could do one better: a 4-Camera HD Security Package would be a great option!”

Funny you should mention this. Just a couple of days ago, Cadillac announced that its new CT6 sedan will have this exact feature as an option. The CT6’s surround-view cameras will act like a 360-degree dashcam recording to a SD card.

“Cadillac’s new CT6 sedan gives you an optional four exterior cameras and a built-in video recording system to act as a dashcam. As long as the car’s rocking the optional Surround Vision camera system, you’ll get this trick recording system too.”

“. . . The second mode is more of a security system: it activates the whole surround-view system whenever the car has been “disturbed” and the security system is activated.

“The car comes standard with a 32-gigabyte SD card, which is good for about 32 hours of filming. . .”



Funny how this same guy uses the camera to film street racing videos of his Model S going 100+ MPH on public streets against Lamborghinis and the like.

I love this guy and his videos, but I have always wondered how he still has a drivers license.

In some cases there are loopholes where there is no speed limit on “on ramps” or “access roads”. I don’t know his local laws to know if that applies but it may be he just keeps up on where he can legally get away with it.

The thing that surprised me most is that the thief did this in broad daylight.

Happened like 2months ago and was covered already, don’ know why this EV site is doing it again.

Meh. It’s news to me and probably most InsideEVs readers. Not everyone follows all the minutia of DragTimes news.

But what’s the EV or even just Tesla angle? This was recorded by a 3d-party add-on security camera one can install in any car.

I don’t like InsideEVs reporting things unrelated to EVs.

It’s related because you wouldn’t run the camera while parked in an ICE 🙂 except with special add on power supplies like magic whatever. Also interesting is – tesla already has forward and rear facing camera – when do we get a software update that enables recording incidents ?

Was the thief charged at home?

Oooh… there goes another rib…

I’ll be here all week.

Anyone know wiring, for this? Tesla has a 5 din going to the mirror, and i wasn’t sure if slaving off one of the multicolored wires was how it’s done? TIA

Some S’ have the 12V (constant) source already in the pod behind the rear view mirror and some don’t. It certainly makes installation much easier if it is there – 15 minutes, if you have everything ready (for a single camera). Those that don’t run a supply up from behind the dash. Lots of write-ups on the web – full video & MS-specific instructions here… https://evannex.com/products/blackvue-dash-camera#tab-3

I hope he learned his lesson and doesn’t leave any more bags where scum suckers can see them. Hong long would it have taken him to put it out of sight in the boot?

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