Tesla Model S Crash Victims Suffer Only Minor Injuries In 80 MPH Rollover


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Tesla Model S Crash On A2 Highway In The Netherlands. Only Minor Injuries Reported.

Recently, reports of a Tesla Model S crash with a truck in the Netherlands showed what appeared to be devastating damages. The car was severely smashed from end to end and obviously not drivable. Fortunately, the driver and his young son were okay.

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A Closer Look At The Tesla Model S Crash

No other cars were reported to be involved in the incident, and the driver of the truck wasn’t injured. The truck was able to be safely driven away afterward.

It is uncommon for a car like the Tesla Model S to rollover. This is due to the heavy battery beneath the car that proportions weight dispersion fairly evenly. The center of gravity is very low. The NHTSA has granted the vehicle 5-star crash test ratings partly due to this.

The car rolled over two or more times and the airbags had possibly rendered the driver temporarily unconscious, or at least unaware of all details. Immediately following the crash, his son seemed fine and said:

“What is happening, daddy?”

The boy grabbed his cellphone and said:

“We’ve been in an accident, dad. We have to call 112.”

The driver was able to open the driver’s side door and exit the vehicle and also retrieve his son 8-year-old son.

At the hospital, both were considered to be free of any major injuries. The driver needed a few stitches on an elbow wound, and the son sustained some minor bruises.

The driver, from Stockholm, Sweden, has since posted an account of the incident on the Tesla Club Sweden forum, under the name Boreno. His post includes pictures, and much more detailed insight into the crash from his firsthand perspective. He is very thankful for the safety of the Tesla vehicle and makes that clear multiple times in his post.

Check out the video footage from after the crash:

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Some will maybe check if they are interested but if you want to know more about what happened the writer have write the hole story in English to. I was shocked that they even survive the accident when I have read through the hole story.
He also points out that he had a missing call from tesla in less then a minute after the airbag had deployed and that they have call him several times afterwords to check how it was with him and his son.

In the second picture it looks like there is a severed head on the hood/dashboard of the Tesla. LOL!


Glad to hear that nobody was seriously injured.

Is it me or do Tesla’s have a disproportionate number of accidents relative to the number that’s on the road?

it’s you……….



Yup, it’s amazing that the right wingers complain about electric cars…and ignore the statistic of over 20,000 gasoline car fires a month in the US. I remember seeing a postal vehicle ablaze on the news a few years back. It was just sitting there in the street, as letters and important documents went up in smoke…THAT is the only reason it made the news. No one was hurt…so another gasser burns…and no one notices.

Yeah that’s over TWENTY THOUSAND gasoline car fires a month. Not my statistic…NHTSA’s. I haven’t looked it up in awhile…I last read it when I came home from the store after the guy at the ceiling fan store had Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I pointed to my Volt in the parking lot…and he told me they explode. No brain activity there…just like the poster of this comment about disproportionate Tesla incidents.

Um, you can blame some things on right wingers, but disproportionate news coverage of Tesla accidents and issues is seen in the entirety of the media, including the drive by mainstream media. Not a vast, right wing conspiracy at all.

Signed, your friendly, neighborhood EV driving right winger.

flmark, Those are True words, U R RITE ON !

If you are basing this comment on news coverage, then this comment is extremely foolish. If you are basing it on actual data, then you wouldn’t make the comment to begin with. There is a lesson here.

Far fewer. It’s just that it’s news. It’s not news when any other vehicles crashes, bursts into flames, etc…

Obviously it’s just you. Crashes happen ALL the time. I’ve been in one. Do you think my shitty Opel Corsa made headline news? No, it didn’t. It didn’t even appear in the local paper. If it was a Tesla, it probably would have.

theflew asked:

“…do Tesla’s have a disproportionate number of accidents relative to the number that’s on the road?”

No, just a disproportionate coverage of accidents by the news media. Gasmobile accidents, even fatal accidents, are so common they are almost never covered in the news unless a celebrity is involved.

It’s rather ironic that accidents involving plug-in EVs are considered newsworthy precisely because they are so rare.

It’s just the reporting.
If I published a report only citing blue cars, you might think that blue care are more dangerous.

I guess you watch Harry Potter too.

What a joke. This sec probe announcement had more of a negative effect than the accident they are investigating and whether the stock was materially effected by said accident, it was not. Silly Wabbits!

No one has any respect for the SEC anymore after the shenanigans they display in their investigations, and non-investigations.

Well, I hope the “3s” are the charm like the 3 Tesla fires that happened back-to-back and then stopped completely.

This is Level 2 autonomous tools and a long way from Level 4. I wonder if in a couple of years from now the accolades will be sung for the lives saved? The answer is no in that accidents with human-powered-cars will still occur for many years to come.

Hopefully accidents like these may start to diminish in the years right in front of us with cars possessing the technology.

According to the driver he don’t belive he was using the autopilot wish means that it have nothing to do with this accident.

Sounds like the french wine was unscathed. Phew!

Lucky they were in a Tesla – a well built body designed to take impact & protect.

Someone in another vehicle doesn’t look and it can be life changing events in a moment.

Basically another truck driver screwed up.