Tesla Model S Coupe Gets Rendered


Hungarian designer X-Tomi has rendered the popular Model S sedan as a two-door coupe.

This coupe version of the Model S looks slightly sportier than Tesla’s sedan, though changes seem minimal.

For example, the door appears lengthened slightly, there’s some additional chrome bits, black rims and crossed drilled brakes and the front end is made to look more agressive.  Aside from all of that, this two-door looks surprisingly similar to Tesla’s own 4-door Model S sedan.

This is only a rendering.  Tesla has never committed to producing a two-door version of the Model S and we don’t expect Tesla to ever offer the Model S in coupe form.

We should also note that Newport Convertible Engineering is actually converting existing Model S sedans into coupe and convertible currently (details here) and has done a render of their own for the finished product.

If You Fancy Just a Coupe Tesla Model S - For $25,000 NCE Will Delete A Couple Doors For You!

If You Fancy Just a Coupe Tesla Model S – For $25,000 NCE Will Delete A Couple Doors For You!

Here Is A Look At NCE's Future 2-Door Tesla Model S Convertible

Here Is A Look At NCE’s Future 2-Door Tesla Model S Convertible


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6 Comments on "Tesla Model S Coupe Gets Rendered"

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Still an ugly nose cone no matter what.

The Internet: If you don’t have anything of value to add, you can always add your flippant opinions!

It is not ugly in any way. What’s ugly is when someone paints the nosecone the body color.

It is separated with chrome trim from the body for a reason. It is the face of the car and carries the badge and looks damn good.

boy I love that coupe.
Oh well, can’t afford a stock S much less one modified to coupe.

If nothing else, it gives an idea of what Tesla’s emerging design language would look like translated to a sports car or GT. Though obviously with either of those, you’d want to make the wheelbase and overall size of the car much smaller.

Tesla has been saying the next 2-door will be a sports car based upon the Model 3 chassis (New Roadster). So while this is pretty cool and all, I don’t think it will ever see the light of day from Tesla. The Model S is due for a model refresh before they would be done with the New Roadster and ready to do something like a two-door Model S variant.

My guess is that NCE is the only option for the near term for big coupe fans. Not that BMW is crushing it with 6-series sales (which would be the Model S Coupe’s logical competitor), so it isn’t like there is a huge market to go after.