Tesla Model S Coupe & Convertible Rendered


Renderer E. Milano presents two distinct takes on the Tesla Model S.

Up first (see image above) is the Tesla Model S P100C, a swept back coupe version of the Model S sedan. The flared arches and unique rear styling reminds us of perhaps an Audi R8? Tesla will most likely avoid ever doing a Model S coupe, as it just doesn’t make sense for such a large car to be fitted with just two doors, unless it’s in convertible form, which leads us right into the next render.

The Model S P100CC is a convertible S, which already exists in aftermarket form, but the rendered version (see image below) looks more polished than the retrofitted examples we’ve seen in the past.

Tesla Model S Convertible Render (via E. Milano)

Oddly, both renders chop off some of the front end of the Model S, giving it chunkier proportions, but does the battery pack still fit?

What do you think of these two renders of the Model S?

Renders via E. Milano

Source: GT Spirit

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25 Comments on "Tesla Model S Coupe & Convertible Rendered"

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They look better than what the Model S looks like now.


That’s because it’s easier to make a coupe look nice compared to a sedan.


not really – its just easier to draw something that will never be made and has nothing do with Tesla.


No they do not. They look ugly compared to the perfected sleek sexy fastback design of the Model S

Model S makes coupes looks bad


Are you kidding? These renderings look great! Shake your head dude!


Yes it do!!!

Kim Jorgensen

Lovely, both of them.


I’d totally rock the coupe.

In Black.

Big Solar

Nice job on these.

Robert Weekley

Eric, maybe time to do an all out survey to see how much interest in the coupe?

At what price would/wouldn’t it be an attractive buy? As to the Convertible, there is a new 2+2 version of a Tesla Roadster coming…after Model 3, and likely – After Model Y, maybe even after Tesla Pickup!


Note, we have real-world examples of Model S coupes & convertibles.


I purchased the S for my wife, If I could get the convertible version, I would purchase it right now….love it

George Bower

Agreed Aron,
As a Model S owner and an appreciator of timeless Model S styling I agree.

I like both of these renditions. I didn’t think I’d like the convertible but it looks great also!!


Just hire that company that turns the Model S into a convertible.


The coupe is the best looking model S I have seen. That could be a real cash cow for Tesla.


The nose reshaping would cost them in the wind tunnel. If anything, I would expect a more pronounced shark nose shape in future Tesla’s, not less.

Then again, in function vs. design, function doesn’t always win.


You’re right about the proportions. They remind me of a mid-engine Ferrari or Lamborghini.


Why Tesla designer is short of ideas, nice cars, Elon hire this people for way less money.


That convertible render made me drool.


Won’t it be Tesla Model C P100D? The Coupe would be a different vehicle.
As Tesla grows we should see all market segments represented, and they should eventually get different, specialist, teams for each segment. Which should mean simultaneous products development.
No doubt there will be a convertible somewhere done the track.


Two completely pointless cars…
Nobody needs a two seater the size of a luxury sedan, that’s just more stupid over consumption, the exact problem that got us to the point where we needed Tesla in the first place!
Any coupe of convertible from Tesla needs to be Model 3 based or brand new.


I’ve always wanted a convertible. That’s a way to get people talking about Tesla. I would research what markets they would be most preferred. California would probably be dominant market.

Warren Hurd

I would prefer a Shooting Brake.


Convertible = Awesome.

2 door coupe? Sure! Have you tried sitting in the back of an S?

Both of these renderings look better than the S. And I drive an S.


With as large as the Model S is, one would think a convertible would have at least room for 4.