Tesla Model S Convertible Conversion Videos


Tesla Model S Convertible. (Photo Credit: AutoJunk)

Tesla Model S Convertible. (Photo Credit: AutoJunk)

Work In Progess

Work In Progess

There you have it. The first completed Tesla Model S that has been converted… into a convertible!

If you remember awhile back, we reported that a company named Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) does these convertible conversions (Check that out here).

NCE’s YouTube channel provided us with a few videos of the Model S convertible conversion progress.

Check out these video updates:

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

And here is the final result!

We found something rather interesting in the comment section in one of the videos.   The commenter was asking if this conversion is authorized by Tesla.

We can only imagine by chopping the roof off, it effects the overall safety of the vehicle. If there is a compromise in safety, then Tesla could have the authority to shut off the vehicle remotely.  So… is it authorized?  We think not.  And we’d be willing to bet that the standard Model S warranty is out the window too.

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Tesla is out of bounds by deciding what cars they will active and which ones they won’t. After a car is purchased and modified, they have no further interest in the car and no further liability.

Tesla might be a pioneer in digital repression. In that under the old systems there was no way a car maker or someone could shut your car off unless they came to your front door and ripped out your starter or motor. But the Tesla Model S is one of the most digitally connected cars out there. It’s so digitally connected that if Tesla got upset at you over something or you didn’t go there way they could disconnect your car by sending a signal form their home base to your car to turn it off.

Tesla is the first time I have seen a car maker use soft where like this.

That’s a problem indeed, unless you have a unique code that Tesla would need from you before they can indeed disconnect your car. I don’t know if that is the case though.