Topless Tesla Model S Convertible Revealed – Video

AUG 6 2014 BY JAY COLE 21

Tesla Model S Convertible - Yes Please!

Tesla Model S Convertible – Yes Please!

Looking more and more like a finished product, Newport Convertible Engineering gives us a video update on their Tesla Model S convertible conversion project – and it is looking good!

As a reminder, this is not a one-off model S for the envious among us to gawk at; but rather the first in a series of high volume conversions on the electric car.

NCE is currently taking orders (and donor cars) to supply the general population with some open-top fun.

Here is the sedan pricing:

  • Ragtop conversion priced at $29,000 
  • Hard tonneau cover conversion priced at $49,000
Tesla Model S Convertible Sedan Sans Top

Tesla Model S Convertible Concept Sedan Sans Top

Tesla Model S sedan With Ragtop

Tesla Model S Concept Sedan With Ragtop

Here Is A Look At NCE's Future 2-Door Tesla Model S Convertible

Here Is A Look At NCE’s Future 2-Door Tesla Model S Convertible

NCE also has announced they will also convert a standard Tesla into a 2-door coupe and 2-door coupe convertible.

  • Tesla Model S Coupe, Price for conversion is set for $35,000
  • Tesla Model S 2 door convertible (soft boot), additional Price for conversion is set for $25,000
  • Tesla Model S 2 door convertible (hard boot), additional Price for conversion is set for $45,000

NCE is currently working on filling a large China-based order for all three variants (4-door cabrio, 2 door coupe and 2 door cabrio); 100 of each is to be made for this customer.

If interested, you can check out earlier video of the convertible in production getting to this phase of the process here.

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Pete Repete

Hmmmm, don’t like the 4 door – looks odd, but the idea of a coupe and a 2 door ragtop I find very appealing indeed…

I’d put my money down for a 110kwh AWD midnight blue coupe straight away!!


The Saab convertible is better looking.
Read more about the new EV’s from Saab:
Nevs has 4 different electric vehicle prototypes to choose from and the car will be a bit higher:
(in swedish)


An electric convertible coupé? Now that is the definition of a “Californian Car”.

Tesla Fan

I’ve never not wanted a Tesla before…


I’m glad to see that Saab has begun to sell EVs in Sweden. Good..

This question is slightly off topic but from time to time I go up to the Tesla Motors fan blog thread that traces assigned Vin Numbers.

I was surprised to see recently that the latest confirmed Model S Vin number is #52988 to be delivered in September this year in the LA area.

Counting up Tesla sales in the U.S. so far gives us a total of 28,200. This leaves some 24,788 cars unaccounted for. Some of these have been sold in Europe, several thousand, perhaps at the very most 10,000 What has happened to the other 14,788 cars ?

I have followed the Tesla Vin assignments website and it does not appear that Tesla is assigning Vin numbers at random or is staggering them. Vin assignments appear to follow a regular simple numerical progression.

Where did all the cars go ? Anybody ?


The EV-Sales blog has pretty accurate sales numbers.

Total Model S sold in Europe was 9236 at the end of June:

1H 2014 – 5330 –
2013 – 3906 –

At the same time in China:

1H 2014 – 1545 –

Of course Tesla has a lot of cars for test drives and loaners that are not included in those numbers and receive a VIN. That shouldn’t account for all of the missing ~14000 cars at current production levels (7500 / quarter), but if they are able to double the rate this would fit quite well.


To mutle,

Thanks for digging up the Europe and China figures.. If you add up Model S sales in Europe, China and the U.S., it comes out to 38,981 sales.

If you add in crash test cars, loaners, demonstration models, right hand drive cars, etc.. that might account for perhaps another 2000 vehicles. That would put total Model S sales (deliveries) that can actually be accounted for at 41,971.

The latest Vin number published is 52988. If you subtract the known deliveries from the highest assigned VIN number, you still have 14,007 cars unaccounted for.

14,000 is quite a few….

But, it’s all good news. If Tesla does indeed assign Vin Numbers in serial order, that means that Tesla has sold or pre-sold about 53,000 Model S. Not too shabby !!!

Omar Sultan

IIRC, when Tesla started assigning European VINs, they were out of sequence with US VINs, so it seems they do (or did) them in blocks.



@ Omar.

Yes, I think Tesla does assign them in blocks, so that all vehicles in a single production run can be manufactured together. This caused some people who had lower Vin Numbers to get their cars “out of order” and delivered a good bit later than others with a much higher Vin number.

That being said, it still appears that the serial numbers are in fact assigned whenever someone orders (reserves) a car and that they are assigned in numerical order, even though someone who reserved after you did, may actually get their car before you do.

If the serial numbers go: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc., then a Vin of 52,988 suggests that Tesla has sold or presold 53.000 Model S.


Duh….I screwed up the math.

Known Model S deliveries subtracted from the latest known VIN works out to be 11,017 not 14,000.

It would be interesting to know where the next 10,000 or so pre ordered Model S are headed.

It does appear that Tesla’s Vin Numbers are in fact assigned serially, one after another.

Anyone interested in following the Model S Vin assignments on the Tesla Forum, here’s the link…

Micke Larsson

Tesla sells 4000 a month. Delivery in the end of september mean two more months of sales = 8000 cars accounted for.
+there are probably always 2-3000 in transit on container ships going for europe and asia which looks like “lost” cars since they don’t count until a month or two later.

= 11k… *tada*


Reply to Mikael’

Yes, I think you’re right, After massaging the numbers, I came to pretty much the same conclusion as you did.

There are a number of vehicles in transit aboard cargo ships and so on.

Bottom line is that Tesla is issuing VINs in sequential order. In other words, the reported Tesla Vin Numbers are for the most part accurate and reflect actual Tesla sales and/or pre-sales.


Ugh. What’s with those terrible B pillars in the video?


I want them. Keep the roll bar.


Meh. I’d rather wait for a factory convertible instead of an expensive clumsy after-market conversion.


I’ll bet the frame jiggles like jelly….


Yeah, the flat floor of the Tesla is far worse for convertibles than a reinforced drivetrain tunnel in ICEs.

I hope NCE did something clever to stiffen the chassis up.


That’s exactly what’s needed another 1000 lbs to recapture the strength in an already overweight car.

This one won’t break in two it will fold in half.


The side-view pictures of the white convertible and ragtop show the Model S prototype body style, not the actual production body style.

Doesn’t anybody notice these things?




I’m waiting for the massive torque to twist those convertibles into pretzels.