Tesla Model S Convertible – 100 Confirmed Orders – 5,000 Model S EVs Requested


Tesla Model S Convertible

Tesla Model S Convertible

Turns out there’s huge demand for a convertible Tesla Model S.  Too bad Tesla Motors doesn’t offer one.

Newport Does Cadillac ELR Convertible Conversions Too

Newport Does Cadillac ELR Convertible Conversions Too

In steps Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE).

NCE is widely known for its convertible conversions.  It offers this type of conversion on countless high-end automobiles, including the Tesla Model S.

According to NCE, it received an order from one investor in China for 100 Tesla Model S convertibles. That’s from one investor.

NCE anticipates demand for the convertible Model S being so high that it claims to have contacted Tesla Motors in an effort to secure an order for 5,000 units

“Newport Convertible Engineering has officially requested Tesla Motors in a joint effort to build another 5,000 Tesla Model S convertible for a worldwide demand. Announcement will be made in April 18 2014.”

NCE says that it’ll begin work on the 100 Tesla Model S convertibles this July.  Those vehicles will all be shipped to China.  The conversion will take place at 3 NCE sites, including California, Dubai and Barcelona.

NCE Does Porsche Panamera Convertible Conversions Too

NCE Does Porsche Panamera Convertible Conversions Too

As for price, NCE says it offer two versions of a convertible Tesla Model S:

  • Ragtop conversion priced at $29,000 
  • Hard tonneau cover conversion priced at $49,000

Plus the cost of the donor Tesla Model S.

So far, there have been no completed conversions, so the only image of the convertible Tesla Model S is the photo-shopped image found atop this article.

Source: Car Scoops, NCE

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Do want.

I’d like to see them keep a roll bar though like the VW Cabrio convertibles.

It does look awesome, but I wonder what it does to the “safest car in the world” in that regard…

This will be the car that has the first death of a Model S driver/passenger.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

4 door convertibles, it’s about time!

Only one in production AFAIK is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited..

Well, JFK was shot in a 4 door convertible, so it’s been done before

Dude . . . really?

convertible is dumb, takes away the amazing sloped roofline

Only when you want the roofline removed! And yes to the roll bar…

Wasn’t this supposed to be put up April 1? 🙂

Yes, the original source was published on April 1st.

But anyway. At least from the third row children seats there are is really cool views!

Seriously, Tesla should rush with the second generation Roadster, because there is big demand for that kind of purely fun electric car. But perhaps they are perfectionists and Tesla’s second generation convertible will be absolutely mindblowing driving experience.

Yeah, I want a little electric convertible. So far, nothing but the Tesla Roadster is available and that thing is too expensive.

I wish Think had made the Think Open.


Good idea or not, it will sell like hotcakes.

And push the stock price up again ……

I like the looks of it. Don’t like the hit on range, though.

That would increase drag tremendously, especially at higher speeds. Don’t see Tesla being on board until able to offer longer range battery. I have to agree that it is a nice look.

I’ll wait for Tesla to come with the convertible or coupe version.

Hardtop convertible, please? Plenty of room in that giant trunk to stow the panels.

Will void every warranty on the car for sure.