Tesla Model S Concept Coupe – Images + Video


Tesla Model S Concept Coupe

Tesla Model S Concept Coupe

The new hotness has arrived in the form of this Tesla Model S Coupe concept rendered by Koncepts Cars, an authorized dealer of performance parts for the Model S.

Do you dream of owning a two-door Model S?  Well, keep on dreaming.  The vehicle seen here is merely a rendering, nothing more.

Enjoy the hotness.

Tesla Model S Concept Coupe

Tesla Model S Concept Coupe

Tesla Model S Concept Coupe

Tesla Model S Concept Coupe

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A slightly smaller version of the S would be nice. I don’t need that much room and the regular S is a little too big for my taste.

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

I can imagine a Tesla Pony Car to compete with Mustang, Camaro and Charger! A truly American muscle car!

True a 2/3 the size coupe would be cool.
In other Tesla realted news demand for Model S in China is surging extending wait times to 6 months.

“Authorized Dealer” implies Koncept Cars has a relationship with Tesla. They don’t. They are a Brembo and HRE dealer which make fitments specifically for Model S.

Ferrari type air intake cutouts on a BEV are stupid.Not needed for cooling and lowers Cd, which is more important than any weight reduction.

Model S does not have much overhang so can’t be easily shrunk in size. Those wanting a smaller Tesla must simply wait for Model 3.

Brake cooling 😉

Those monster grills on the front and back corners look silly. Otherwise, nice rendering – I’d buy one if Tesla made it.

+100 … grills on the front corners look like the graphic designer was in a hurry to push this out.

It looks like someone copying another automakers Fool Cell Vehicle ugliness… I hope the fad for oversized break intakes passes quickly.

I am surprised that someone with money burning a hole in their pockets hasn’t already commissioned a coupe from a custom shop.

I like the idea of a smaller coupe with a large hatchback… It would be great if M3 had such modular options. Just bolt on the body version you want when you order it.

Anon, Rumors say there will be many variations on the Model 3.

I’d like to see front bench seats since you don’t need a transmission or console.

versions like A convertible,van,pick up would all be possible as well as at least 2 battery options.

It makes a lot of business sense to do so, but I fear Tesla is still a small company with limited resources, and probably unlikely to do this very quickly. 🙁

Falcon Wings on a Coupe would be awesome.

+1 for the Falcon wing coupe.

Maybe next gen roadster?

Hopefully the Model 3 will be more in line with this coup as far as size goes. Slightly off topic: How many of you Tesla guys actually drove the car before buying it? Don’t get me wrong, I’d buy the Model 3 right now if we could pre-order it because of my trust in Tesla.

Hello InsideEVs,

Thank you for your comments and interest.

In addition to brake cooling, the grill is absolutely functional in that it reduces weight and the bumpers will be fabricated in carbon fiber for 10-20% weight savings compared to a factory set.

The Koncept S Coupe, and all following Koncept EVs, will be able to charge through Tesla’s global Supercharger network.