Tesla Model S Chrome Delete – Video


Are you a fan of chrome?

Chrome Free Tesla Model S

Chrome Free Tesla Model S

If not, then Del Rey Customs has you covered.

“We love working on the Tesla Model S and we have been getting several referrals off our chrome delete option for the Tesla Model S. We use the Gloss Black Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping material to turn the chrome to gloss back in less than a day. The Avery Supreme Wrap is such a clean process we don’t even need to take the pars off the car do give us the desired look.”

Of course, this chrome delete isn’t limited to the Tesla Model S.  Any vehicle with chrome can be wrapped in black by an experienced wrapper.

Wrapping a vehicle has benefits beyond improved looks:

“…wrap is removable if you plan on selling or trading in the car all the chrome has been protected and it will look brand new when the wrap is removed.”

So, feel free to say goodbye to that old fashioned chrome if it’s not to your liking.

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6 Comments on "Tesla Model S Chrome Delete – Video"

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Model S is heavy enough already 🙂

If Tesla ever were in a disney movie then this would be the evil villain that gets beaten in the end.

Meh. The all black look is already old.

I hate aftermarket mods so much lol smh

Um.. there are amber lights on the front.

How can anyone not like chrome? It’s classic…