Tesla Model S Chrome Delete – Video


Another Tesla Model S is visually modified by deleting the chrome with a combination of vinyl wrap and plasti dip.

The Model S P85D is solid white with dark grey 21″ wheels and it has the all glass panoramic roof.

To each their own as far as if they like this chrome delete or not. It is simply an option for those who desire to make their Model S different from the rest.

Finished product.

Finished product.

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I wonder if some of those grille areas could be closed up or if they are needed for cooling.

Battery cooling while SuperCharging.

I honestly can’t even tell a difference. Had to go look up a regular Tesla to even figure out what they did. :/

I am not a fan of the fairly recent return of chrome coated plastic on cars at all, this is much better! 🙂

I’m old school, and feel chrome adds a touch of class to a vehicle. And a lot of work went into designing chrome (especially around the top of the doors) on the Model S. “Deleting” it, makes the car feel cost reduced, to me. It’s something one might see on Model 3’s.

I agree. Also if I were able to get an S, I’d want people to see it.

What Goofy Foolish Way To Degrade a Nice Car……&^*(%$#@!!+_=)*^? PERQUA??

Interesting choice of custom license plate.