Tesla Model S Charging Video: Supercharger Versus CHAdeMO Versus HPWC


Tesla Motors Model S: Charge Speed Comparison- Condensed Version-HPWC-CHAdeMO-Supercharger 60 and 85 Packs

This version has been Condensed. Playback is at 10x recorded speed.

We do enjoy these charge-speed comparisons, this one from KmanAuto’s YouTube channel.  Clearly, the Supercharger wins, but CHAdeMO isn’t too far behind.

Charging Comnparo

Charging Comnparo

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10 Comments on "Tesla Model S Charging Video: Supercharger Versus CHAdeMO Versus HPWC"

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76 minutes vs 44 minutes “isn’t too far behind”? Tell that to the guy sitting in a cold car for an extra 32 minutes. That’s 73% more time spent charging!

Plus the CHAdeMO wasn’t even that fast. It was only operating two thirds of the time, but the non-operational periods were cut out.

Model S has no heating, or why is it cold?

Seriously.. Who is going to watch this 22 minute video all of the way through? Can’t they just show us the highlights?

Myself, I used the timing slider to jump ahead/watch the progress.

I wonder if the CHAdeMO station needed its air filter cleaned?

I have yet to see one single thing from KmanAuto that has been good. On the other hands there have been so many things wrong, outright lies and what could not be anything but fraud in his material so I don’t really understand why it still can find it’s way to InsideEVs at times.

Is it just me and my opinion? I’ll gladly shut up if that’s the case and the rest of the lot thinks his contributions are good and accurate.

You are not the only one. I agree.

They confuse kW and kWh at the very beginning. Garbage, no need to watch any further.

I can’t exactly figure out why this required a video. Also, it’s just difficult to figure out the comparison.

Are there two cars?