Tesla Model S Charged By A Waterfall – Video

OCT 10 2015 BY MARK KANE 21

Tesla Model S Charged By A Waterfall - this must be generator

Tesla Model S Charged By A Waterfall – this must be generator

One of the first European owners of the brand new Tesla Model S P90D posted video of the car and his unusual charging concept.

It seems the lucky guy figured out how to use a local creek (1,200 l/s) and waterfall (height of 3.5 m / 11.5 ft) to propel a generator (seems like a three-phase induction motor) and then that charges the car.

Hydropower energy on demand? For free? That’s Ludicrous.

Update: Video now in HD, hat tip to Micke!

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I live in British Columbia where 89% of our grid is (non carbon) renewables and 85% of that is hydro electric.

Good for B.C.
In Québec it’s 98% hydro.
So basically all EV in Québec are charge by renewable hydro, like my 2012 MY Leaf with 89 500 km on it.
But it’s state share hydro instead of private one.
And it seems that some of that hydro will go to north east U.S. and elsewhere to clean up their grid.

It must be the first Model S to be charged by flowing water… Oh, wait. Norway 😛

Nope. Greencarreport.com’s Model S owner (don’t remember his name right now) charges his EVs from the stream by his house.

That is David Nolan.

He no longers does it due to the drought where the stream runs dry already.

Actually it “run dry” when he needed to establish himself as a “victim” of Tesla’s attempts to discourage people from using their local Supercharger as a primary energy source for their cars.

Poor slaves, who had to build the power station for free.

Nope. Norwegians had the sense to use their mountain streams for as long as there’s been gears and gristmills to use them.

Nice digs!

Yeah, definitely beautiful.

Nice job OP.

Fossil fuel lovers will poo-poo this.

That water took as much energy to produce as it will ever yield.

Imagine showing that video to the executive board at Exxon Mobile. Their worst nightmare. It takes a pretty big solar array to charge a 90 kWh battery in 3 hours but this guy makes it look easy, though I am sure it isn’t trivial to build your own hydropower station

Especially if you don’t have your own creek.

Good thing I do! Still looking for a deal on a nice turbine, though.

Very cool video…well, gee, I’ll just plug into my hydro plant from the river running through my yard…oh, wait, I don’t have one!!! 😉

Nice find Micke,

I will swap out the 240p video now (and give you a ‘hat tip’ nod of course for finding it)


ok so who has a free crowbar laying around??!