Tesla Model S CHAdeMO Adapter Review – Video


Bjørn trying out the CHAdeMO adapter… It works!

Bjørn trying out the CHAdeMO adapter… It works!

Bjørn Nyland gives us much-needed information in this lengthy review on the recently released CHAdeMO adapter for the Tesla Model S

This adapter is for use with DC CHAdeMO charging stations and it is approximately $450 USD.

Since our friend Bjørn lives in Europe, the specs/design of his unit are slightly different from the US.

If interested, Bjørn recently tested the CHAdeMO charging speed versus Tesla Supercharging speed w/ 60 kWh & 85 kWh Model S’. Check that out here.

KmanAuto sampled the CHAdeMO adapter as well. Lots of information here too.

Own a Model S? Will you be picking up a CHAdeMO adapter?

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I normally enjoy Bjørns videos but this one was a disappointment. I would have guessed that he was drunk or really tired in this one.
I’ll just have to watch one of his older ones again instead… 🙂

He badly needs to edit his videos as to not waste our time..

Can the “Opel Tigra Guy” get more chameos in Bjoerns videos? 😉

If I understood, the pricing for the Chademo usage was about $42 per hour. Now considering that’s compared to $10/us gallon gasoline might not be so bad,
but then it also means that if it takes over 2 hours to recharge an 85 kwh S, than in merely 5 charge sessions you will have spent the equivalent of the adapter cable in user fees.

And with gasoline much cheaper in the states right now, at that pricing it would mean that driving electrically would be triple the operating cost of running a gasoline powered car, what with its seldom and superfast ‘recharging’.

So therefore, I wouldn’t expect many new Chademo installations in the states at this pricing, since who would use it if you could simply purchase gasoline much more conveniently at 1/3 the price?

I did not buy a Tesla because it was economical. Tesla buyer buy them to do their part for the environment, for style, for performance, for vision, for “coolness” then comes the extra benefit if applicable in your region: “economy”.