Tesla Model S Captures 24% Of Europe’s EV Market In Q1 2014


Tesla Model S in Europe

Tesla Model S in Europe

Tesla Model S In Europe

Tesla Model S In Europe

The Tesla Model S continues its sales roll with the latest data showing it captured 24% of Western Europe’s pure electric vehicle market in the first quarter of 2014.

For comparative purposes, the BMW i3 captured 18% of Western Europe’s electric vehicle market (it’s unclear at this time if Eagle AID mistakenly grouped the i3 BEV and i3 REx together to arrive at this 18% figure).  The i3 is followed by the Renault ZOE, which captured 10% of the EV market in Western Europe.

Notably absent from this comparo is the Nissan LEAF, which was actually head and heels above all of the other electric competition…More to come soon on the LEAF’s sales figures in Europe in Q1 of 2014.

Source: Eagle AID

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I found out news that Tesla is going to start building their Giga factory next month in June


Let the batteries flow.

Wow, pretty impressive. Nice link from Ocean Railroader too.

What has the how factor in this is Tesla isn’t saying this in a few months or next year. In that a lot of projects I know are going to fail is when they say we are going to build it next year.

Eric, can we find out what percentage of i3s sold in Western Europe are ReXs?

All-in, I’d say a very impressive statistic for Tesla who is just getting a foothold over there.