Tesla Model S In The Boring Company Tunnel


A Model S in The Boring Company tunnel being dug under Los Angeles (starting in Hawthorne)

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Though far from complete, we get our first look at the Boring Company’s tunnel with a Tesla Model S within.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk released this lone image showing a Model S at the opening of the tunnel in Hawthorne.


Tesla Model S riding on The Boring Company sled

The tunnel recently got approval to run some 2 miles under Los Angeles starting in Hawthorne.

Progress on the tunnel moves along at less than a snail’s pace, though Musk hopes to increase speed substantially over time.

What this image does show is that only 1 vehicle wide will fit in the tunnel. This will make two-way travel rather difficult. Perhaps a second tunnel will be added? Or maybe an upper deck within the tunnel?

Lots of questions still remain (like how the electric sleds will be installed and operated), but at least progress is being made.

Tesla Model S In Tunnel

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I think they need a bigger boring machine

I would imagine that the boring machine they have now is going to be testing techniques for speeding up the boring process, thereby, hopefully, making the process cheaper. The eventual machine that they use will probably be larger, but who knows. Given the use of sleds instead of people driving cars in the tunnel, smaller would be cheaper and easier.

The Boring TBM has to fit inside the diameter of the SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) for eventual shipment to Mars as cargo.

Tunneling technology will be critical on Mars to build human habitats, and to access underground water/ice for rocket fuel production and human life support.

Wonder why Elon hasn’t pursued wind turbine tech in addition to solar modules with Tesla Energy? Simple. Wind energy isn’t viable on Mars, while solar energy is. So expect Elon to develop concentrated solar as it reduces the mass transport required to Mars.

Everything Elon does either creates new technology for, or contributes cash flow to, his overarching goal, the colonization of Mars.

Viewed through the prism of his long-term goal (creating a self-sustaining permanent human presence on Mars) all of Elon’s efforts can be easily understood.

I think its a compeling vision of the future, worthy of the effort. So, GO ELON!


P.S. TBMs will come std with autopilot. So how about “Gigafactory 11” on Mars by 2050? There just might be *lots* of lithium on Mars:

Heredia, A., et al. “The Importance of Detecting Lithium on the Surface of Mars.” European Planetary Science Congress 2012. Vol. 1. 2012.


“Wonder why Elon hasn’t pursued wind turbine tech in addition to solar modules with Tesla Energy?”

Because he has no cousin running a failing wind turbine company.

lol, Tesla stock is up 77% since the Solarcity merger. Production of Tesla solar roof for the 1st year sold out in 2 weeks. New Gigafactories coming out like Marvel movie sequels.

But it isn’t all bad news for you. SpaceX just confirmed your free reservation on Golgafrinchan Ark Ship B. Bon voyage!

“Sold out” yeah because they are not making any

“New Gigafactories coming out like Marvel movie sequels”

They are nowhere near finishing even the first one!

Although not finished, is producing, and employing thousands. How many employed when it is finished. Of course political will is lackluster if not nonexistent, so if market forces dramatically alter their current trajectory, There may be a Detroit type outcome. Sad but true. We are all flying by the seats of our pants.

Yeah, because companies that have been doing this for decades haven’t been trying that. The Boring Company is really an example of Musk’s arrogance on display.

He succeeded with PayPal, He succeeded with SpaceX, he succeeded with Tesla…
If that is just arrogance, America needs more arrogance!

I think they need a longer tunnel.

This is the beginnings of a hyperloop tunnel from Space X to the L.A. center and then up the high-speed rail right of way to Northern Cal.

The argument made by Elon is that it is cheaper to build multiple one-way single lane tunnels that one larger one. It is not obvious to me why, but there are no plans to make future tunnels larger.

Math is why. pi*r^2

1 tunnel 10 feet in diameter has a cross sectional area of 314 square ft. 2 of them then is 628.

1 tunnel 20 feet in diameter (for simplification for 2 vehicles but of course it would need to be bigger) has a cross sectional area of 1256 square ft. In other words the two tunnels require only half the total boring volume (note I switched to volume but it’s the same math). Additionally the expense of the machine I do not believe grows linearly with diameter. It grows at a greater than linear rate as diameter increases thus having a multiplicative effect on expense.

The total cost of a tunnel is not proportional to the amount of dirt removed. Wall area may be a better metric, then there is plumbing, electric, etc. To make a road in a tunnel twice as wide would require a diameter about 50% more which would increase the wall area by only 50% so it would seem to me this would be somewhere closer to 50% more money not more than double.

That isn’t a one lane tunnel unless you like the look of scraped paint on your car.

A tunnel that is only used by cars on sleds may be that narrow. You won’t be driving, the sled will be tracking in a very narrow track. So it could be. Will it actually be that narrow? Probably not, but keeping the tunnel small will make boring it a lot cheaper.

Tunnel cost is proportional to the square of the diameter, so 2 small one-way tunnels will be half the cost of a larger two-way tunnel.

I can imagine some sort of charging in the tunnel eventually, so it will be all charged up when it exits the system.

O no, I left Einstein in the passenger seat again…

Can you imagine being stuck inside that tunnel? It looks like it would be hard to even open the doors in there…

I’m guessing that they just threw down some blocks and laid some plywood over for a quick photo.

The final system will have a sled which will be wider than the car so it’s likely that the sled and track will be around 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. That would put the doors near the greatest diameter of the circle and would even leave some room for a small and narrow emergency access walkway to the side (Maybe only 1 foot wide).

The full tunnel system will have none of that because it will never be built.

Yay! At last an article on a construction company that is related to EVs (you know, as in “inside EVs”).

Well, the picture came from the CEO of an EV manufacturer (who owns several EVs himself), shows clearly a functioning mass produced EV (unlike other companies releasing hand drawn sketches when the regular rendering intern is on vacation) and is standing in a tunnel that was dug by another EV (the TBM “Godot” is also electric; just not battery powered, but by extension cord).
So the article is legit.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I would’ve honked the horn in there……lol
Anyone else?

Surprisingly, this is the two-way version of the tunnel. Cars drive on the walls as they pass each other. Take a nap, Elon’s autopilot won’t fail you.