Tesla Model S – Bjorn Ventures From Oslo To North Cape


Oslo to North Cape

Oslo to North Cape

Here it is…

Tesla Model S owner and YouTube extraordinaire Bjorn Nyland has compiled a three-part video series of his recent Model S adventure from Oslo, Norway to North Cape, Norway and back.

Total distance?  Over 1,200 miles.

This is easily one of Bjorn’s longest Model S adventures, which is precisely why he broke it down into 3 videos.  We have all 3 video posted here, including the initial teaser one posted above.

In typical Bjorn fashion, the videos are incredibly long, but well executed and extremely informative.  If you enjoy Bjorn’s Model S videos, then you’ll love this.

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It’s interesting to see how it’s possible (even though a bit hard and time consuming at times) to get into the middle of nowhere with a Tesla.

This trip will be so much easier later this year when there are superchargers all the way up to Narvik. Even though there will still be 3 superchargers missing to get all the way to Honningsvåg in the furtherest north.

Looks like Elon put some of the James Bond technology into the car for that section where he drives through water.

(No, I’m assuming there was a ferry service.)