Tesla Model S – Bjorn Ventures From Oslo To North Cape


Oslo to North Cape

Oslo to North Cape

Here it is…

Tesla Model S owner and YouTube extraordinaire Bjorn Nyland has compiled a three-part video series of his recent Model S adventure from Oslo, Norway to North Cape, Norway and back.

Total distance?  Over 1,200 miles.

This is easily one of Bjorn’s longest Model S adventures, which is precisely why he broke it down into 3 videos.  We have all 3 video posted here, including the initial teaser one posted above.

In typical Bjorn fashion, the videos are incredibly long, but well executed and extremely informative.  If you enjoy Bjorn’s Model S videos, then you’ll love this series.

Part 1:

Epic road trip from Oslo to North Cape and back. Part one covers the trip to North Cape. In this video there are a lot of shaky handheld shots. I’m sorry for that! I will reduce the amount in the future videos.

Part 2:

The return trip from North Cape to Oslo

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2 responses to "Tesla Model S – Bjorn Ventures From Oslo To North Cape"
  1. Mikael says:

    It’s interesting to see how it’s possible (even though a bit hard and time consuming at times) to get into the middle of nowhere with a Tesla.

    This trip will be so much easier later this year when there are superchargers all the way up to Narvik. Even though there will still be 3 superchargers missing to get all the way to Honningsvåg in the furtherest north.

  2. Spec9 says:

    Looks like Elon put some of the James Bond technology into the car for that section where he drives through water.

    (No, I’m assuming there was a ferry service.)