Tesla Model S Best Selling BEV In Europe For July

AUG 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla Model S Best Selling BEV in Europe In July (source: EagleAID)

Tesla Model S Best Selling BEV in Europe In July (source: EagleAID)

Tesla Model S was the best selling all-electric car in Western Europe last month, according to EagleAID.

1,106 Model S were enough to take 1st place ahead of 1,011 Nissan LEAFs, 980 Renault ZOEs and 928 Volkswagen e-Golfs.

Those are the most popular BEV models in Europe this summer.

For Tesla, about 38% of sales come from Norway (222) and Switzerland (199), which after including 132 in Germany translates to 553 – a perfect 50% share from three countries.

“July’s 4th slot, despite another bumper sales month in Norway, but let down by precious few sales anywhere else, went to Volkswagen’s e-Golf in AID’s exclusive July ranking.

It must be a humiliating experience for the world’s long-established leading carmakers – striving hard to trumpet to the world at large their cutting-edge technological know-how, marketing skill and particularly service capability – when a complete newcomer to the cut-throat automotive scene zips past at speed at the first attempt…”

Source: EagleAID

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Just have to say: I *LOVE* that color…

Indeed. It seems like these days, almost all one sees in car paint colors is bright red, pastel blue, or shades of gray.

Nice to see something different.

Most… misleading… graph… ever. Who starts a graph at 900?

Still, good job Tesla.

Unfortunately, misuse of graphs seems to be more and more common these days. Among other abuses of geometry is the practice of cutting off the bottom portion of the graph to exaggerate the Y-axis variations. If you’re talking about the bar graph above, it looks like they’ve done the same thing there, altho that graph runs sideways, so it’s the X-axis variations which are exaggerated.

Someone should do a graph on the increase in abuse of graphs.

Haha, +1

What they also forgot to tell you is that three PHEV’s out sold these EV’s

Eagle Aids’ quote at the bottom is BS. They forgot about the huge incentives Norway government is blessing Tesla with. Everything equal, Tesla would be lagging far far behind its PHEV competitors. Here is the complete July European sales from ev-sales.blogspot.com:

Pl Model Sales
1 Mitsu Outlander PHEV 1.698
2 Volkswagen Golf GTE 1.599
3 Audi A3 e-Tron 1.285
4 Tesla Model S 1.106
5 Nissan Leaf 1.031

Graph brought to you by Fox News?


I know about the eGolf poor sales…I just hope VW will still remain committed to EV’s despite this.
The point is I bought myself a Golf last year, typical Euro “Eco box” which achieves 600 miles on a full tank most of the time (TDI version & I do few city km’s), very quiet, very torky, why would I punish myself with a 90 miles range EV and high price except to save the planet (and no.. i will not pay 100K EUR for a mean of transportation). On top of that liter of diesel went below 1 EUR where I live (Luxembourg). I hope next time I will be able to buy a reasonnably priced PHEV Golf. I agree to save the planet but, please, in a soft way if possible…(no punishment).

VW does not have interests to provide competitive electric cars. Their business plan is that those upper middle class families who has only one car, would buy also second, electric car. Therefore expanding the car markets without cannibalizing ICE sales.

PVH, I don’t see that number of sales as poor for the eGolf and these do not include the Golf GTE

The Tesla Model S is getting popular in Europe, as the Tesla Supercharger network in Europe is expanding also. This process will continue in the next few months and years.

Great to see better sales of the Model S in Europe!

But of course, the Model S outselling the Leaf is partially due to Leaf sales being depressed because a lot of would-be buyers are waiting for the new model year, which will have longer range.

The Leaf sales have been slowing down in Europe for a while. The primary reason the Leaf was so popular was because it was the only BEV in that price range for a long time.

Good job Tesla representing the US. When was the last time a US manufactured vehicle was the best of anything in Europe.

To see something REALLY amazing, multiply total sales by each car’s selling price. There’s some sort of meaning to learn from those results.