Tesla Model S Battery Pack Teardown – Time Lapse Video


Tesla Battery Pack Teardown

Tesla Battery Pack Teardown

Must admit, we missed this one when it first hit YouTube back in December.

“15x normal speed. All together in two sessions this took about 3-4 hours.”

“Batteries to be used in upcoming off grid solar project.”

But because it’s always interesting to see inside the big ol’ object that powers the plug-in cars some of us drive, here’s a time-lapse video teardown of a Model S 85- kWh battery pack.

See anything unexpected?

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Is that an X or an S next to him in Yellow ?

It’s a bit of a funny angle to tell.

Going to say it’s a Model S, since the door handle for the back seat is at the rear of the door panel, and all the photos of the Model X I have seen have it at the front of the rear door.

The Model X didn’t go on sale yet. How would this guy have one in his home garage?

I like the yellow…

I think the yellow and black makes it look like a taxi 🙂

Needs black squares along the bottom. 😉

That would make one sexeh taxi…

If he’s going to use it for off-grid energy storage, why not just leave the cells it in the original pack? Size/shape is all I can think of.

He needed the voltage to be compatible with his inverters: http://hackaday.com/2014/11/11/draft-an-intverview-with-tesla-battery-hacker-wk057/

Couldn’t he just separate the wiring? But I don’t know the voltage of each module. I was thinking he would want to put these in some kind of rack for space though. This part of the interview scares me; “the pack was put together with strong adhesives almost everywhere.”

He also mentioned that the complete battery pack was difficult to move. And he was able to sell the battery case for scrap: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/34934-Pics-Info-Inside-the-battery-pack/page46

The first page of that thread has tons of photos.

wraitnot beat me to it, but the first thing I thought of was voltage as solar inverters don’t tend to go to anywhere near as high a voltage as the Model S pack.

Servicing the battery when it’s out of warranty looks like it will be a nightmare.

Looks like it’s impossible to open the pack without destroying at least the top of the package. That will indeed drive up costs for refurbished packs or third party cell replacements.

I couldn’t count the sheer number of screws / bolts on the thing, but it looked like he had collected a couple pounds of them in bags…

How, exactly, does one get a Tesla battery pack shipped to one’s garage?

Its from a damaged car. A box truck and a floor jack are easy enough to deliver something like this.