Tesla Model S Backs Into Parked BMW – Video




Parallel parking takes practice.

It’s obvious to us that this Tesla Model S driver has absolutely zero parallel parking abilities.

Ain’t ever gonna squeeze the Model S in there at that angle.

The Daily Mail suggests this might be an autopark error, but we completely disagree. ┬áThere’s no way autopark would miss the mark like this. Curb a wheel…maybe, but miss the spot completely…no way.

It’s clearly driver error here and that lands this guy or gal in the category of worst electric car driver of the day.

Better luck next time.

Source: Daily Mail

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Upgrade to autopilot.

Not possible to get Autopilot on pre sensor models, need to trade it in on a newer one, and spend more cash. Maybe taking a few drivers lessons in the Tesla with a good instructor would help!

This driver might have driven a small car before, bought this from the CPO program, and not have got their head around how big this car is, yet!

I usually count 1.5 to 1.6 car lengths of my car for an average parallel park, but I might try with just 1.3 to 1.4 car lengths if no traffic being held up. This kind of looked like they need those side ways wheels 90 degrees front and back to squeeze into that spot with the Model S!

It looks like telepathy is not working for the guy that recoded the video, either: “Give up”.. the Tesla driver didn’t get the message!

Way too tight a spot.

Why is this an article here?

Just another day in Vancouver, BC. It doesn’t matter what the brand of the car parking is.

Pretty sure that was intentional.

A driver training in North America is weak, border line attrocious, so this should come as a no surprise especially when combined with high self esteem mentality and penetration of car gadgets/guides nowadays. Soon enough people will not be able to change lane without some gizmo/screen in front of them.

Could hardly hear anything over the noise of his dinosaur fossil-fuelled gas-guzzler