Tesla Model S Autopilot Review From Australia – Video


Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

CarAdvice.com had a chance to test drive the Tesla Model S in Australia.

Software update 7.0 adds Autopilot on most cars with hardware capability, provided you pay for it ($2,500 in the U.S.).

That’s a lot, but than you get access to pretty unique features of Autosteer – semi-autonomous driving or more like assisted driving, because the driver should be ready to take control at any time.

Autopilot Convenience Features

Autopilot allows Model S to steer within a lane, change lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manage speed by using active, traffic-aware cruise control. Your car can also scan for a parking space, alert you when one is available, and parallel park on command.”

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Very nice. 🙂


Too bad they stopped the update in Hong Kong

Fantastic, Tesla is the only car company with true innovation and gets things done.

Plus Tesla it has the best buying and servicing in the Industry.

True leader of the pack, making the other car manufactures appear they are ready for a museum.