Tesla Model S Versus Samsung Galaxy S5 – Video


But Does It Still Function Properly?

But Does It Still Function Properly?

In one corner we’ve got the Tesla Model S.

In the other corner resides the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It’s a fight to the finish.

Which tech-filled gadget will survive?

This video puts the Galaxy S5’s durability to the test, but then it meets an unusual challenge in the form of two Model S tires.

Though battered and beaten up, the Galaxy S5….check out the video to see if it survives.

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Don’t try this at home

This video was very interesting and it makes me want a tesla and the gS5 that much more! thanks!

The Tesla is significantly heavier than a standard car.

Interesting to me, I am getting one.

An S5 phone, not the car.

I don’t want a dirty plastic/oil phone that’s sold by the Korean Mafia.

I like my American phone that’s constructed of clean aluminum.


Yeah, your “American” phone, made in China.

“…my American phone of clean aluminum.” is that a reference to iPhone which is actually made in China? Open-Mind? Not hardly and definitely uninformed.

Maybe this will help:


It was humor … I thought everyone knew that all phones (including Samsung) are mostly made in China. Less commonly known is that Samsung is run by the Korean version of the Corleone family.


Decades of corruption. Their theft of Apple IP is just the tip of the iceberg.

Great. An Apple phan boy.

… said the Android phan boy.

LOL … you Android people are funny.