Tesla Model S And Model X Comparison After Return Of The 60 kWh Sedan

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Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (June, 2016)

Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (June, 2016)

Tesla Model S 60

Tesla Model S 60

The return of the Tesla Model S 60 kWh (also available in 60D/AWD version) replaces the 70/70D at the lower entry level price of the Tesla sedan by $5,500 to $58,500.  A 75 kWh battery optioned S is available as the new mid-point.

The difference compared to “old” 70 kWh is just 24 miles of EPA range.

In actual fact, Tesla the equips all the 60/60D with 75 kWh batteries – and offers owners of the base car to option to access the additional 15 kWh (25% more kWh for around 19-20% more range) now or in the future for a cost of $8,500 ($9,000 after delivery).

For your convenience we have compiled a fresh comparison of all the trim levels and data of the new Model S and Model X versions available in U.S.

Via Tesla on the 60 kWh Model S:

“Today we’re excited to reintroduce the Model S 60. Starting at $58,500 (after incentives) or $667 a month (details here), the Model S 60 delivers 210 miles (EPA est.) of range, a top speed of 130 mph and zero-to-60 acceleration in 5.5 seconds.

With all-wheel drive, the Model S 60D provides more range (218 miles EPA est.) and faster acceleration (zero-to-60 in 5.2 seconds).

Like all Tesla vehicles, the 60 and 60D come standard with active safety features and Autopilot hardware. And both versions can later be upgraded through a software update to 75 kWh for about 20% extra range.

Anyone who buys a 60 or any other new Model S or Model X between now and July 15 through the Tesla Referral Program gets a $1,000 credit towards the purchase. Just get the special personal code of any Tesla owner and enter it at the time of purchase.”

Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (June, 2016)

Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (June, 2016)

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Tesla claimed their total battery pack cost was down to $190/kWh a good while ago, so it should be a bit less than that now. And still they want $8,500 (or $9k!) for 15 kWh of capacity. That’s robbery.

With 20% markup the price should be $3,500. And there’s no reason it should be more expensive to unlock later.

In general, I really HATE segmentation bs. The full cost of the 75 kWh pack is incurred for every vehicle. Adding a software limit to what you can use makes no sense whatsoever. It is just a horrible, dishonest, sleezy business practice!

This does make sense, it’s a really good business move. They maybe have nearly zero profit if someone buy a Model S 60 but they belive (I guess now) that 40% will pay extra when the buy the car to be able to use all 75 kWh and then another 10-20% will pay for it later. If they count all this toghether they probably belive that the total profit of all cars will be around 30% and with a little lower starting price they can get some more buyers. I belive that if they start selling the 60 without the ability to upgrade later they would sell less, now the buyers know that they can easily upgrade if they found that they need little more range.

I don’t think its dishonest or sleezy at all, they made it very clear on the re-release of the 60 that the car will come with a 75 battery you can upgrade to if you wish.

As far as the $8,500? They do it because they can. Ask Apple why they charge so much for phones and tablets.

You have to view it from the other end. How much rebate is Tesla giving to customers who buy their cheapest model. And then you can argue that Tesla is very nice since the rebate is a whopping $8500.

20% markup?
Are you only thinking about manufacturing on the production cost?

If so, please rethink. Tesla need a lot more to get back development costs, factory cost and a decent payback for stockholders

Tesla has cited a 25% gross profit margin in the past, for the Model S, and I guess that’s what they aim for.

Citing a nonexistent 20% markup is just one sign that the post in question is from a, er, low information commentor.

20% is from Tesla’s latest Qtr earning report which automotive margin is at ~ 20%.

‘Robbery, fine don’t buy one.

Well, the $190/KWH price is at the raw cell level, not the pack with BMS level.

That said, yeah, the upgrade price is too steep.

However I suspect that they’ll put the upgrade on sale occasionally.

Hey Teratwatt, it’s not sleazy if they disclose it up-front, which they did. It gives buyers who are already at the very high end of the budget for a MS75 a lower entry level so they can get the car they can afford and maybe upgrade it to the car they WANT later on. Whatever Tesla’s cost of the pack is doesn’t matter, it’s totally irrelevant. Either you pay for a 60 or a 75kwh pack but there’s no smoke and mirrors. I don’t hear anyone bitching about the lack of Autopilot capability on non-enabled cars which have the hardware but are essentially turned off until you pay to enable it. While you’re at it, why don’t you complain to pretty much every software company for not giving you all the features that you downloaded but are locked until you pay for them?

if the extra expense is not worth it to you, then you don’t buy it. those who consider the extra expense to be worth it will buy it. that’s how “segmentation” works. your real complaint is that you’re looking to get something of value for nothing (although i suspect that you aren’t buying a model S in any event), which strikes me as a view of the world like that of a 2-year old.

Well said.

Nothing ever posted in comments to InsideEVs has astonished me more that people actually expressing anger that Tesla has given buyers more choices.

It’s just bizarre.

Nobody is forcing you to consider the choice, Terawatt. If you don’t like it, then simply ignore it. Tesla offering you a choice you don’t want isn’t taking anything away from you.

but eventually workable(affordable….) for us,and others…..also in view of upcoming-confusing,untested 200 miles EVs-of eventual low quality,small,rear drive only etc options. Good resale value too,I believe.

Useful chart, thanks for compiling it.

60 is a great value. For most, it easily covers 95% of their driving. With more superchargers coming, it makes it easier and easier to get by with the smaller pack. Especially for people who only road trip on occasion.

a car with a starting price that is higher than that of a benz e-class is “a great value” only to people who have high incomes.

So maybe someday after you buy the 60, you can upgrade to the 75. There are tax benefits here, plus a battery upgrade seems inevitable. Also, if you sell it back to Tesla, huge win for them, they don’t have to spend money to upgrade it to a 75 in their CPO program. They were so hungry for the used 40’s into the CPO program for this reason.
@Terawatt: Robbery? Such dramatic language. LOL.
One thing I would like to see but is missing from this is pack mass and vehicle mass. What is the weight differential between the vintage Model S 60 and the new Model S 60(75)?

I was thinking that Tesla could set up a system where they rent you that extra battery capacity for the days you need it.

58,500 is after 7,500 fed credit. By this logic Volt starts at 27,495, etc.

Maybe someone can Hack The System & do the Upgrade for free since it’s physically there & paid for..

And then Tesla may stop sending you software updates.

And void your warranty.

And possibly even blacklist you from getting service at Tesla authorized service centers.

* * * * *

Buying a car is a contract between seller and buyer. In this case, the contract includes an agreement that Tesla provides the hardware for the upgrade, but not the software unless you pay to unlock it. That’s true whether or note it’s explicitly stated in the buyer’s agreement. It’s a contract in the true sense of the word whether it’s stated in writing or not, because both buyer and seller understand this to be true, and understand it to be a condition of selling the car at that reduced price.

From Tesla’s viewpoint, if you hack the car to unlock the extra battery capacity, then you have violated the contract under which you bought the car.

Expecting them to honor their end of the bargain when you didn’t hold up your end, would be pretty naive… not to mention unethical, greedy, and arguably dishonest.

What are the 0 to 60 times for 60, 60D, 75, and 75D?


But if it’s 75kw you can charge it safely to 100%.Something that is not recommended normally. Around 80% is recommended for responsible battery degradation.

I heard nobody speak about this.

You’re totally correct. Basically you’ll always have about 17 or 18 kWh’s of buffer. Plus charging all the way to 100% will be faster since there’s no need to taper the current for the last 10-15% of the 60 kWh of capacity.

i would think that the software would tell the charging station that “full” is at the 60kWh level, in which case, the charger would start to slow down at 54 kWh SOC.


I don’t think it’s been the subject of any article here, but it has been discussed in one or more comment threads following articles about the new S60.

the best possible idea from Tesla ,until now!!!!

I think that putting in a 75kwh pack and freeing up only 60kwh of it is the stupidest thing ever! “I got a great deal on a 4 bedroom house! Only problem is that I’m locked out of one of the rooms. My real estate agent said that if I ever needed the extra space though, I can pay more and he’ll give me the key!” Why are people not pissed off about this? I love Elon’s line that says the extra capacity will decrease degradation! Hmmmm is that because you eat away at it over time to make sure that the S60 never loses range? Or is it because you’re using less of the pack and thus cycling through it less often? Either way, what am I paying for with the extra money to unlock the capacity later? And how much capacity do I really get? Do I get a discount on that degraded capacity in the future? If you’re eating away at that extra capacity, why would I pay you for something that your software is already giving me over time? Care to weight in Elon? I do want to add that I get why you are doing… Read more »