Tesla Model S And Model X Comparison After Range Update And 75 kWh Additions

MAY 8 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (May, 2016)

Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (May, 2016)

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors slightly bumped prices of Model S and Model X in recent weeks, and as well as we got final EPA ratings for the range of some of the more recent versions of Tesla EVs (which were previously estimated).

Combined with introduction of 75D Model X (instead of 70D) we decided to present a new comparison of all Teslas, as those are best selling models in the U.S. recently. See previous edition.

Of note:  Tesla also recently released word that a Model S 75D and 75 RWD will be made available in May (for an extra $3,000).  Tesla estimates range on the 75D be 259 miles and 249 miles on the base 75 kWh RWD edition (details).  This data has also been added to the chart (above) ahead of the official EPA release.

Refreshed Tesla Model S Arrived In Late April

Refreshed Tesla Model S Arrived In Late April

The longest-range Tesla Model S 90D is now officially at 294 miles (473 km), while top Tesla Model X 90D stands at 257 miles (413 km).

The Model S 90D is also the first Tesla to pass 300 miles of range (303.2 miles) on the highway estimated range portion of EPA testing.

The price difference between S/X 90D and P90D is now $6,000 (it was estimated at $5,000 at Model X launch).

The base Model X 75D starts at $11,500 over base Model S 70, but now also has an additional 5 kWh battery capacity on tap (more than 7%) and AWD.

The Model X 75D is $6,500 over Model S 70D.

Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (May, 2016)

Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (May, 2016)

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18 Comments on "Tesla Model S And Model X Comparison After Range Update And 75 kWh Additions"

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I hope the 100D will come out soon!

Model x 100D would sit around 283 miles.

Does that assume the same battery weight? If you suspect that the 90 battery is, in fact, a 100, then the range would be 285 for the 90D.

250 miles divide by 90 kWh is 2.77777778.
100 kWh times 2.77777778 is 277.7777778 miles range. Hmm…not the same as my first answer.

That would mean a Model X 125D would be a 349 mile range. longer range batteries would be not required after that, only faster charge times. The model S 125D would be around 408ish miles…..2018-2019? Hope my math is close.

at a basic price 0f 200K!

Getting pricier by the week….

I compared the price paid for my 2014 Model S 85 with a similarly equipped 75D. Granted it’s not apples to apples, but for the same money spent, I could have:
– 6 miles less range (259 vs 265)
– 10% less L2 charge current (72 vs 80)
– All wheel drive
– Autopilot
– $1000 or add cold-weather option

Seems like the low end Model S price moves up but you still get more value for a middle tier Model S. I’m sure this is done to differentiate the Model S from Model 3.

Yes I would tend to agree that Tesla seeks to differentiate the ‘S from the 3. Furthermore they’re asking Model S owners to slightly subsidize Model 3 vehicles. I’m OK with that.

I did the same thing with the 2013 85 that we have at my work. Now you would have 5 less miles of combine range and slightly slower L2 charging but you would have AWD, auto pilot, the HEPA filter, the upgraded seats and interior materials, the center console, the revised headlights, and all the other minor tweaks for about $3000 less.

Absolutely right Mark…

Uh . . . isn’t the 90D over 300 now?

The highway range is over 300, the combined range is just below 300.

Another chart showing price per mile of electric range would be great.

It can be inferred from the first chart, but yeah, it would be nice.

Actually, it’s remarkably close for the non-performance versions:

S75 = $269/mi
S70 = $274/mi
S75D = $278/mi
S90D = $279/mi
S70D = $288/mi
P90D = $378/mi
P90DL = $415/mi

Based on this metric alone, the S75 is the most efficient, but the S90D is the best buy. I’d like to come with a comparison that would take range and price into account, combined with the price/mile in order to establish a “Best buy” based on these criteria.

Damn, their slowest vehicle is faster than my car!

@TomArt the 90D may be the best choice BUT here in Canada the difference between a base 60 and a 90 (not the D) is a whopping 30,800$…