Tesla Model S Again #1 in Overall Sales in Norway in December!

JAN 4 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

According to official data, the Tesla Model S is again not only the best selling electric car as indicated by preliminary data, but also the best selling car overall in Norway in December.

A total of 553 new Teslas were registered, which is 4.9% of the whole market. The #2 and #3 spots seem to belong to the ICE Volvo V70 and Volvo V40 (both exactly 542).

Despite the Tesla Model S entering the party late in the summer, in 2013 1,983 were delivered!

Other electric cars that made big splashes were the Nissan LEAF with 337 and 3% market share and Volkswagen e-up! with 294 and just less than 2.6% of market share.

e-up! is very close to Nissan LEAF and hopefully we will soon see the BMW i3 join the battle for overall market share. In Decemberr, BMW i3 had only 39 registrations and this was far the best result to date (we need to be patient for volume deliveries).

EV sales in Norway – November 2013

EV sales in Norway – December 2013

Other electric cars seem to not withstand the competition at current price points and incentives in Norway. The electric Ford Focus has just 10 registrations, Mitsubishi i-MiEV 22, Citroen C-Zero 15 and Peugeot iOn 3.

Altogether, we see 1,273 new electric passenger cars registered in December in Norway and a huge, but not record 11.2% market share. Just a year ago, these market share numbers were over 5-times lower. The question is, will next December be even better?

The number of new electric light delivery vehicles surged to 175 in December, which is quite an improvement compared to just 32 in December last year. The uptick is likely from the Kangoo Z.E. entering the market in volume.

And there is one more thing. Norway draws electric cars for other countries at a huge pace. Last month, 181 plug-ins were imported as used.

Norway ends 2013 in style with over 1,500 electric cars added, over 11% market share for new passenger cars and #1 in EV market share ranking in the world. But this is not all… soon we will look at whole year report for electric vehicle’s per capita.

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Great! So happy for the n.1 spot of the Model S!!!
N.1 in overall sales: in September Model S, in October Leaf, (November Golf, not yet e-Golf…), in December Model S again.

And Nissan Leaf got the 3rd place for the whole year!!! (just after VW Golf and Toyota Auris) with 4,604 (new car) registrations and 3.2% market share. That’s about 56% of all Nissan sales there.
(Select “Modellfordelt” in the chart for the models)

Also: new EV registrations for the year: 7,882 (5.5% market share).

Great! As I know the price of Model S in Norway is about the price of VW Pasat. And if I read the chart by brands correctly in http://ofvas.no/bilsalget/bilsalget_2013/bilsalget_i_desember/
VW Passat is -28% down from last year. It looks like model S is eating the share of Passat This is making me happy.
Also Toyota Avensis is very very dawn with -41%.

At this rate Tesla will dominate Norway in 2014. It looks like this oil rich country is waking up to the fact that oil will no longer have any value. Just read this artical from the news in Norway.
It is not only cars that run on electricty in Norway, boats too!
I think that busses for collective transport should too. Trains do already!

Norway is like a drug dealer. Sells the drugs, don’t use them. Less they use, more left to sell. Smart people.




Do EV sales there have anything to do with the incentives offered?

No, because the same people who are buying cars, have also voted for legislation that taxes heavily gasoline cars and rewards electric cars.

Does Norway have a used car market? Are they taxed at all or only new units coming into the country?

Teslas (and other electrical cars) actually dont have any tax or VAT at all. So all you pay is the price for car and delivery. This makes the Tesla incredible cheap, and competing with “all other” normal family sedans.

Hi there,

BTW, from Miami to Boston the supercharger are ready “EAST COAST OPEN”.
With the new Santee (SC) and St Augustine (FL)!!


Good road with Tesla.

WOW ! There’s new player in Norway. Peugeot Partner EV – 156 sold in December (debut month)

That’s why electric delivery vehicles had such an increase. These next few months should see Peugeot Partner/Citröen Berlingo EV arriving at other euro markets.