Tesla Model S Accelerates From 0 To 134 MPH On German Autobahn – Video


A P85 Tesla Model S going from a stand-still to its top speed on the German Autobahn…what’s not to like?

"Tesla Model S 85 kWh Performance accelerating from 0 to 215 kph on German Autobahn."

“Tesla Model S 85 kWh Performance accelerating from 0 to 215 kph on German Autobahn.”

Bjørn Nyland takes his P85 Model S and goes all out on the German Autobahn. If you blink, you will miss how fast it climbs up to its top speed with its instant torque and over 400 horsepower.

You’ll see the regenerative braking slowing the vehicle down rather smoothly too.

Recently, Bjørn uploaded a raw unedited video of a speed run on the Autobahn, which you can view below.

Tesla Model S P85 on German Autobahn – Raw Unedited

Tesla Model S Specs.

Tesla Model S Specs.

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What is the dotted orange line that appears?

Thats a max. power derating. I have driven a Model S at constant 130 mph on the German Autobahn for almost an hour. The orange dashed line came down more and more as the car heated up. At the end I had just 150 kW left (still enough to go 130 mph, but you could feel the power loss)

How many miles of range were you seeing estimated at 130 mph?

I drove it from the supercharger in Jettingen to that in Aichstetten, which is a distance 100km. I left Jettingen at a predicted range of 420km and arrived at Aichstetten at 230km range. So the “consumed range” was almost double than predicted, but I really went 130mph all the way and connected the car with all cooling fans running to the supercharger.
The charging procedure was all the same as with cold powertrain components.

An indication that the car began limiting power likely due to heat concerns of the high speed accel.

But then why would the power output be higher than where it was being limited?

It appears that sometimes the Model S will allow brief overages beyond the power clip; I’ve seen this before as well when the battery is cold, for example. I can assume it is allowed in order (for example) to prevent an accident. If the hard acceleration had gone on longer the battery power would likely have started to taper off per the warning(s).

0 to 200kmh in 17.5 are great numbers.

The power (and regen) limits are only approximate.

As per the specs below he was doing Top Speed, Great Video.
85 kWh Performance
502 km range (NEDC)
310 kW (416 hp)
4.4 seconds 0-100 km/h
210 km/h top speed