Tesla Model S 85D 0-60 MPH Acceleration Test – Two Tests – Video


I was able to check out how quickly a Tesla Model S 85D accelerates from 0-60 MPH, with three people & luggage on board!

We did two 0-60 MPH tests.

I noticed (based on my many Model S acceleration tests, in total) that the 85D version sounds different than all of the other versions of the Model S.

There is a tad bit more info in the video above, before the tests commence & you can read more below:

Wow… That was fast! (Again, pardon the glare.)

Wow… That was fast!
(Again, pardon the glare.)

“Two 0-60 tests in a Tesla Model S 85D! (D = Dual-Motor AWD)
This particular Model S is fully loaded, except it does not have rear facing child seats & standard 19″ rims w/ Michelin Primacy Tires. The car also had three people in it, packed with luggage!

This test was done unexpectedly. Please pardon the glare in the instrument cluster.

More info on the 85D:
The 85D has two Motors, front & rear. Both have high efficiency drive units, giving it a range of about 275 miles on a single charge (driving & weather conditions vary range).
The combination of both motors give the 85D a 0-60 MPH rating of 4.4 seconds, which is .2 seconds slower than the discontinued P85 RWD! So yeah, it is quick, & very efficient!

The Dual-Motor AWD gives you slightly better range than the RWD version of same 85 kWh battery pack, and the benefits of an AWD vehicle. However, with an EV like the Model S, both drive units work independently of each other to maximize range / efficiency, versus a linkage in a traditional ICE vehicle, which DECREASES efficiency / Miles Per Gallon.

The front trunk (Frunk) is also a LOT smaller on the AWD version Model S’.
The only way to currently get a RWD Model S is with the 85 kWh version. From there, to get the AWD, it is approximately $5,000.
So, if you need to trim off the price a bit, RWD will work JUST fine, and still give you plenty of range; About 10 miles less range than the AWD version, bringing it to 265 miles of range on a single charge.


-Video description.

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The P85 RWD is a 3.9 car, not 4.6. Tesla never sold it as 4.6, unless they added more time to it, too, since AWD. S 85 somehow went from 5.2, to 5.4, so I guess that is possible.

There I go, feeding another drag racing story. How about a “drivers” story, instead?

He was saying the official time is 4.2 sec by Tesla for the P85 RWD. Unofficially it is 3.9 sec. You must of misunderstood his statement on being .2 sec slower than the P85 RWD official time of 4.2 sec which makes the 85D 4.4 sec.

You are right about the “driver’s story” being heard more than the drag races.