Watch Tesla Model S 75D Race Kia Stinger GT S


Which gets stung?

The Kia Stinger GT, or GT S in the UK, is the hottest version of the brand’s gran turismo. It has had tons of praise heaped upon it since it arrived on the scene earlier this year. Top Gear recently noticed that this 3.3-liter twin-turbo variant boasts performance figures similar to those found in the slowest current version of the Tesla Model S, the 75D, and decided a little drag race was in order. As you can see in the video above, it’s a pretty good matchup.

Aside from their drivetrains, the two vehicles have quite a bit in common. The Korean import is a 4-door fastback as is, arguably, the California car. Both are meant to be somewhat comfortable for long-distance driving, yet still offer some amount of performance.

The numbers for the two contenders are pretty interesting. The Stinger GT S weighs in at a not-insignificant 1,909 kg (4,209 pounds) so it doesn’t appear to have much lightness added. Still, batteries are heavy, so it’s unsurprising the Tesla presses even harder on the scales at 2,108 kg (4,647 lbs). The Kia also has a slight horsepower advantage, with three more British ponies than the 75D: 365 bhp to 362 bhp.

Torque, though, is mighty important when it comes to putting down a strong sprint time and that’s something the battery-powered Tesla has in spades. It puts up 486 pound-feet against the Stinger’s 376 lb-ft. Is it enough, though, to overcome its other disadvantages?

We don’t want to give away the ending, so you’ll just have to scroll up and press play. Enjoy!

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Stinger GT S cost around $46K MSRP. Should race against the Model 3 MR and see who wins.

Not available in the UK yet.

Among ICE, Stinger is the best value at the moment. Kia name sucks, but it’s what’s inside that’s of value. Then Tesla has to come an ruin it.

ICE are already ruined. Been ruined since the first mass produced Leaf. Tesla M3 just made all that more clear.

Jean-Baptiste Labelle

Why people kept mentioning this 362bhp for the S75D which was before software upgrade in September 2017?
It is 422bhp and all the tests show between 485bhp (100% SOC) and 420-430bhp (low SOC).
The fact that it always beat sub 400bhp cars, almost always lighter, should be an indication that the S75D has more than those 362bhp from old specs…