Tesla Model S 70D – Video Test Drive Review


Tesla Model S 70D Review

Tesla Model S 70D Review

Here we present an somewhat elusive review of a lower-end Tesla Model S.

Tested in this video review is the Model S 70D, the best bang-for-your-buck version of the Model S.

Though the review starts off in a rather unexpected manner, it soon turns into one of the most well-polished amateur video reviews we’ve seen to date.

If you’re interest in the 70D version of the Model S, then this review is a must-see.

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Personally I think the model S 85 is the best bang for the buck, when you consider the range you are getting for the price. Less stopping for supercharging too.

I’m partial to the S70 and the S85D.

S70 is the lowest cost of entry for Model S, and even the base model is nicely equipped.

S70D adds ~2% more 70 mph range and a bit of performance for $5k. But for another $5k, the S85 adds ~10% more highway range on top of the 70D, significantly more performance and faster charging (~17% reduction in charge time for 100 miles starting at 20% SOC).

If range or acceleration or charging speed is a primary reason for upgrading from the S70, then it makes little sense to stop at the S70D. It only really seems like a compelling option if you need AWD for climate reasons.

On the other hand, the S85D adds a similarly small improvement in highway range, but adds significantly higher acceleration. It splits the difference between the S85 and the P85D at a fraction of the P85D upgrade cost and without the P85D range penalty.

70D and 85 would have to stop at the same superchargers, with the 85 you can’t skip superchargers vs a 70D. The charge time is a little faster in 85/90, but maybe by 5-10min. Dual motor is superior due to torque vectoring and better regen since front motor regens better, also better grip and tire wear since 85 rears tend to wear out quicker due to high torque. I think 95% of people would be happy with 70D as if has excellent performance and excellent range.

engine? gas pedal? hose?

I’ve been amused at the use of the term “go pedal” on the Tesla Motors Club forum. That’s a more fun term than “accelerator”, and as an added bonus it’s two syllables shorter!

But people are gonna keep using the term “gas pedal” no matter now obsolete it becomes, in the way that we still “dial” a phone and “type” on a computer keyboard.

And “go pedal” isn’t quite right either, since the pedal acts as both accelerator and brake. Control pedal?

At first I thought, “speed pedal” but then I realized that “power pedal” is correct. The computer infers how much power to output or retention based on the pedal position related to the current speed.

Not retention, regen. Autocorrect strikes again!

I called it the celery eater when I had my imiev

85 has crazy acceleration

I just traveled coast to coast with the 70 D and I find that I rarely fully charge the car. In other words, I don’t need a bigger battery: I could actually do the same trip with a smaller less expensive battery.

The key is the well done supercharger network, and that smaller battery car just may well be the Model 3.