Tesla Model S 70D Versus Lexus IS-F – Drag Race Video


Race Time!

Race Time!

The video description (below) basically tells the whole story, but we should point out that this is a one-half-mile race (not the Model S’ specialty), and not your more typical 1/4-mile drag race.

All Electric Tesla ModelS 70D Takes on a Lexus IS F in a Half Mile Drag Race!

Tesla Model S 70D Base MSRP $76,000 –
328hp 406ftlbs for 230 miles
AWD 4,608 lbs
Electric Motors: 259hp Front & 259hp Rear with a 70 kWh lithium-ion Battery
Top Speed: 140 MPH

Lexus IS-F: Base MSRP $60,000 –
416 hp 371 ftlbs – 5.0-liter V-8
23MPG – 8 Speed Auto RWD 3780 lbs
Top Speed: 170 MPH

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13 responses to "Tesla Model S 70D Versus Lexus IS-F – Drag Race Video"
  1. Aaron says:

    An unsurprising result.

  2. Hey, these guys were smart enough to race on a closed track. Bravo!

    1. sven says:

      It looks like a closed/decomissioned airport runway.

      1. Yes, the promoter Shift-S3ctor created a branded event called Airstrip Attack who “brings racing off the streets and into safe and legal environments to test cars and race opponents”


  3. Elroy says:

    1/2 Mile races are Tesla’s worst nightmare. They are much better suited to 1/8 mile races. The Hi Perf ICE cars are pulling high RPMs on taller gears with minimal shifting at high speeds right in their powerband.

    1. sven says:

      “1/2 Mile races are Tesla‚Äôs worst nightmare.”

      You’re forgetting about the Texas Mile.

  4. Joe Lopez says:

    Not surprised.. IS-F picking on Tesla’s bottom of the totem pole.. would love to see how it does against a p85 or p90D, would not even use Insane or Ludicrous mode (depending on which car it is) so as to not embarrass it further..

    1. sven says:

      It would be the same result, the Tesla would lose.

    2. Elroy says:

      The ISF is slow in comparison to most of ultra performance sedans out right now. A good indicator of how a car will do in the 1/2 mile is its quarter mile trap speed. The car with the higher trap speed will generally be at a considerable advantage in the 1/2 mile+. My modified BMW ran 132 in the quarter mile, and easily did 150 mph in the half. A 117mph trap speed P90D just can’t keep up with a 122mph M5/E63/RS7 at speeds above 60mph.

  5. Daniel says:

    Seems like a lot of effort to arrive at the obvious conclusion that should be known to any car guy old enough to have a driver’s license.

  6. Ash09 says:

    I’d still rather own the Model S. No gas needed, no gas-engine related maintenance required such as oil changes, no stealership hassles to deal with, stellar safety ratings.

    Plus it’s not like you’re going to be driving 135+ mph every day anyway.

    1. Aaron says:

      Apparently you don’t drive around here. (kidding)

  7. Koenigsegg says:

    nice ass