Tesla Model S 70D Test Drive – Video


Tesla Model S 70D

Tesla Model S 70D

In typical Fox News fashion, there’s an emphasis on the Model S’ drawbacks (mostly its high price tag), but the reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the 70D version of the Model S, just like he did the fully optioned, high-end Model S he drove and reviewed a couple of years back:

“Test driving Tesla’s new Model S 70D, we encountered strangers who were so floored by the sleek, silent and all-electric sedan that they flagged us down.”

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at least they didnt say the car would explode within 3 weeks of buying it.

Was the newscaster’s statement correct, that the Model X would also start at $75K?

The word of Elon is that it would cost slightly more than the Model S. So assuming there will be an X70D it will probably start from $80k.

This looks like a local affiliate in Florida somewhere… not “Fox News”.

It seemed like a great advertisement for the car and company.

The most reasonable review on Tesla I have seen from Fox. Also well produced.

decent review.

Just looked at pre owned Model S’s at the Tesla site.

Used 85’s (not P’s and not D’s) start at 62K. So roughly the same as buying a new 70 @70K minus the 7500$ rebate.

Cars dot com has 190 used Model S cars on their website advertized for sale. The base models with higher miles are asking $54k, which is starting to get into the range that a lot of us are looking for.

Fair and balanced reporting.

I never understood Fox’s motto. Why would I want “fair & balanced” reporting? That makes it sound as if reporting is about opinion. How about “Just the facts”?

Modern American TV news reports pretty much everything as if it is opinion; as if there are no objective facts. Even when the subject is something that should be non-controversial, like vaccinations, the media will seek out some fringe nutcase to argue against well established facts. (The one remaining exception is the PBS News Hour, and even they occasionally succumb to putting on a nutcase to give “equal time” to a counter-factual fringe view.)

Faux Noise… er, Fox News… is just taking this trend to its natural conclusion, in treating everything including global warming and evolution as opinion, not scientific fact. So far as I know they haven’t yet put any flat-earthers on to “debate” whether or not the world is spherical, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they started doing that too.

When it comes to Faux Noise, the saying “My mind’s made up; don’t confuse me with the facts!” isn’t merely a cliche, it’s a mission statement.



Mrs Newsreporter.

S70 at $70k and several links all over the net for a $1k coupon.

Some how I think even the target market for the S70 aren’t too concerned with coupons.

“In typical Fox News fashion, there’s an emphasis on the Model S’ drawbacks (mostly its high price tag), but …”

In typical Electric Cars TV fashion, their introductory FNC dig is completely false. This review could not have been more positive. It was virtually an advertisement for Tesla.

Unfortunately the price for the 70 Tesla is even way to high for the average Joe. I am in the to 10% of income in the USA and 70k for a car is crazy. I have never paid more than 25k for a car. I am hoping somehow to justify buying the Model III if it is less than 40K

Don’t forget sales tax! Bye bye $7500 tax credit.