Tesla Model S 70D Listed Among Car & Driver’s 10 Best Cars 2016

NOV 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Tesla Introduces The New Base Model S - 70D

Tesla Model S – 70D

Tesla Model S is the only electric car that managed to break into the Car & Driver’s 10 Best Cars 2016.

The ranking only includes cars with price tag of below $80,000.

Car & Driver tested the Model S 70D with Autopilot ($2,500), Smart Air Suspension ($2,500), next-generation seats ($2,500), Subzero Weather package ($1,000) and Midnight Silver Metallic paint ($1,000). Total MSRP is $85,700, but the $7,500 tax credit seems to be key to getting the price below the $80,000 threshold.

The Model S 70 (rear wheel drive) is mentioned on the list (“70/70D“) too.

“The Model S is the only electric vehicle with the driving range to make sense in American suburbs or on our backbreaking commutes. The 70-kWh models—in either rear- or four-wheel drive—slip under our $80,000 base-price ceiling and cover more than 200 miles per charge. All electric cars come with the convenience of refueling at home, but only Tesla makes long-distance travel possible with its nationwide network of free, high-voltage superchargers.

The Model S is also the rare electric vehicle that embraces our most basic philosophy: Driving should be engaging. The car steers, corners, and rides with a competence that seems perfected over decades of focused suspension development rather than a few short years as a Silicon Valley startup. The 70D accelerates in near silence with the fury of a redline clutch dump. It springs off the line with 387 pound-feet of instantaneous torque and follows a seamless, shift-free trajectory to triple-digit speeds. Lift off the accelerator to harvest electrons and sail to a stop without ever touching the friction brakes. You learn to drive it with one pedal, using and recapturing electricity with the pace of traffic and the flow of the road. After a week piloting a Model S, it feels strange to drive anything else.”

Source: Car and Driver

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Another feather in a cap full of feathers.
Nice. Congrats Tesla.

I’d rather take a Tesla to the track, for more reasons than just the power, but it’s our Volt that gets top honors, as a “smooth mover”.

Many of the over-stocked P85+ CPO cars dropped ~$8,000, over the weekend. A good way to get 15 more kwh, and save ~10g over the 70D.

Just wait until there are 70Ds on the CPO site. There are already a few P85Ds popping up.


Tesla’s CPO website seems to have a glitch. If you list all cars, you can see the half-dozen P85D’s. But if you select “85 kWh Performance All Wheel Drive” from the drop down, none of them show up…

When I saw that, I went through the whole list hoping their might be a 70D hidden in there. No such luck.

Can P85’s be upgraded to be P85+’s? I don’t understand why 75-80% of the cars they have for sale are P85+’s?

Did they really sell that many? Are they converting P85’s to P85+’s? Did they just overprice them that badly?

I think the P85+s are over-represented in the CPO program because those owners were the most likely to early upgrade to a P85D.

To upgrade to P85+, a P85 would need:
-26/21mm sway bars
-4 separate air spring units
You’d be better off trading a P85, for a P85+. The difference is pretty big. Too harsh, for some.

Configured in Ontario this would be

$101,700 as configured
$13,221 HST
$1,300 fees
-$8,500 Ontario rebate
$107,721 ($80,389 USD @1.34)

Still too rich for me.

Then buy something else..

What, the car which just a couple of years ago was labeled “The best car ever made” by several car review magazines and/or websites, now gets a mere “one of ten best” from Car & Driver?

Car reviewers are so fickle.


Or borderline Schizophrenic, as in the case of Consumer Reports. 😉

I’m glad to see an EV on the list.. But I think I’d rather have seen the 2016 Volt on there. Interestingly enough, the VW Golf GTi made the list. Makes me wonder if the GTE would have had a chance if it were available in the USA.