Tesla Model S 60 Minutes Sound Parody – Video


Tesla Model S Goes Vroom...Vroom

Tesla Model S Goes Vroom…Vroom

“B-Roll footage from the recent 60 Minutes special episode with Elon Musk.”

Says the uploader of this YouTube video.

But after watching the brief video you’ll realize this ain’t B-roll footage from 60 minutes, but rather a parody of 60 Minutes, in that lots of sounds are added to the Tesla Model S in this video.

We find the whole 60 Minutes adding sound to a Tesla to be an honest mistake, but still this video is amusing.

Hope you enjoy.

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It would absolutely nail it if they put in the sound of a steam locomotive in there.

Ice cream truck would also be a funny one for the video.

Even better, a rocket taking off (SpaceX, get it?)

I thought it was quieter than the 60 minutes airing…


The naked guy “entertaining” rescue / police on the PCH in his Model S, is still more amusing…


I loved the Tesla-copter sound at the end.

Try this one. They’re brutal to everyone.

We covered that Autoblopnik one – Side note: We find Autoblopnik hilarious – http://insideevs.com/tesla-model-s-tire-blowout-causes-media-frenzy/

I’d want my Model S to sound like a Tie Fighter.

If the pedestrian alert system would allow us to choose our own sounds, I think the F1 sound would be appropriate for my i-MiEV. 🙂