Tesla Model S 60 kWh Rated Range At 40,000 Miles – Video


“Rated at 40,000 miles with 4,000 on new battery. 203 Rated, Cold Soaked pack in the mid 30’s *F.”

KmanAuto gives us another quick update on the rated range on his Tesla Model S with a 60 kWh battery pack.

A View From Instrument Cluster.

A View From Instrument Cluster.

Recently, Kman’s battery pack in his Model S failed.¬† However, that story had a happy ending (More on that¬†here).

In the video above, you will see his Model S has 203 rated miles of range. As Kman mentions, the battery pack is cold soaked.

We are interested in hearing from Model S owners in regard to their current rated range.

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So, ummm, this is about the range you get on a 4K mile pack? Or, fairly new vehicle? Putting the 40K miles in the headline is dust.

What the heck does any of this mean? Surely you don’t mean the battery pack needs replacement at 40000 miles. It’s not clear from the article.

This article and its title are *really* confusing.

I *think* it means it warrantied to still have it’s rated range (of 206 miles?) after it has been used for 40,000 miles.

Which is a bizarre way to specify things – because range is totally dependent on how you drive and the conditions at that time. I would think that specifying the battery capacity (100% or 95%, etc.) would be a better and clearer.

Practically brand-new battery. 4000 miles is not very impressive. Very deceptive title.

Don’t understand the above complaints…

Some early Tesla owners (especially those with A battery packs) had their battery packs replaced under warranty (most commonly due to contactor failure).

The “repair” entails replacing their original battery pack with a “refurbished” pack. Some Tesla SC’s claim these packs are made using new parts so are as good as new (despite the pack still labelled as older A or B packs).

It’s Tesla’s policy to provide replacement packs with as good as (or better) range/capacity as the failed units. Some owners (here like KmanAuto) report no range degradation. Others are reporting more severe range degradation.

If you know what you know then I can understand why you don’t understand why others can’t make head nor tail of the the article. Even I, a 5 year Ever and Tesla fanboy, couldn’t fathom it. But thanks for the explanation. Now it is (nearly) crystal. MW

I finally got it – Tesla model S, with 40 000 year old driver, who has a 4 000 year old wart, has a range of 203 meters.