Tesla Model S 60 kWh Now Available In China – Priced At $104,000


Model S 60 kWh Price China

Model S 60 kWh Price China

Initially, Tesla Motors only released the 85 kWh and P85 version of the Model S in China.  Tesla “fairly priced” the 85 kWh Model S at $121,000 in China.

Now, Tesla is ready to let Chinese buyers purchase the entry-level 60 kWh Model S.

Effective immediately, the 60 kWh Model S is available to order in China with a starting price of ¥648,000 (or approximately $104,00 USD).

Of course, the reason for now offering the 60 kWh in China is to drive up sales; more choices + cheaper price option = more sales.

Wait times for the 60 kWh version in China are listed at 3 to 4 months.

The problem in China is that only residents of Beijing and Shanghai can take delivery of the Model S.  Tesla’s only showroom in China is in Beijing, though more are promised to open in other cities soon.

Tesla’s expansion into China have proven to be the most difficult of moves for the electric automaker.  Let’s hope Tesla can sort it all out soon so that sales of the Model S in China hit Tesla’s optimistic targets.

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OK, not good news…but whatever, sales for the next 3 years are probably not gonna go through the roof as expected/hoped, but they’ll still be good enough. Until the Gen3 (which I plan to buy) comes out, the gigafactory and SC network will be up and running, so all good with me…

How is this not good news? The 60 is still an awesome EV that beats any other by a wide margin. It should be available in Europe as well.

Of course it’s an awesome EV, but it is a sign that demand in China is much weaker than expected. The S85 was already priced very competitively, not charging the “Chinese” premium like the Germans do, so now that they have to come out with a cheaper version, that’s not good, especially in this market where price is really not an issue. I guess Chinese elite like their BMWs and Porsches better than Teslas, just like in Europe unfortunately…

It’s good that they offer the Tesla Model S as cheap as possible to grow the consumer base. Right now Tesla should try to get as many new Teslas on the roads in China so they can be seen by people and understood. This in turn will feed into demand for the Tesla.

Oddly right now in Central Virginia there appears to be some type of explosion in the local Tesla population. In that it looks like a new one is showing up on the local roads every week. So maybe the Teslas have been driving around long enough on the local roads that people who can afford them now trust them and want to buy one.

Yes, this clearly disproves the Tesla fanatics’ claim that Tesla is supply constrained.
Tesla demand in China stinks; so they are trying all the hoops to get a few hundred cars sold over there. Good luck, Tesla!

Something tells me that you are kind of glad that demand for Model S isn’t as strong, why is that if I may ask?

OK Boris, You seem like a smart person to figure that out 🙂 Couple of reasons:
1) I don’t like the hype Tesla creates for their poor quality car made for the 1%. That doesn’t sole any pollution or global warming issues. They have been very secretive about their sales growth etc. , so their stock remains sky high.
2) I’m slightly short on Tesla. But nothing significant.

OK, I am glad that you’re honest. You know that shorting TSLA is like playing in a casino, you know that this a different kind of stock a at this point traditional rules don’t apply. If someone told you about Elon Musk and his story 20 years ago, would you believe that a South African kid would just come to California and start 5 companies (all in different industries, and 2 of those would be space and autos), probably not, and now you’re in a position to be betting your money against this guy. It might work out for you because the stock will have its ups and downs but odds are against you. I am not sure Tesla is of poor quality, even if it wasn’t perfect, that’s not the point, would you again 3 years ago think that Model S would sell in such numbers with an avg price $100K+, I guess not, nobody did. 1% comment – now it’s 1%, tomorrow it’s 2% and on a on, you know the plan right? Pollution and global warming – really, it doesn’t solve pollution in cities? Global warming is a tricky one, but wouldn’t you say it’s a step… Read more »

Another question is, do you like EV’s? And that the market for EV’s are growing fast?

You might not like Tesla. But the hype about Tesla has been a big contributer to EV’s being cool and something desirable and that has been a part of driving the rEVolution.

For tha sake of EV’s you should be very happy that Tesla exists and does this well.

Tesla always planned the 60 Model for China and Europe.

Does not prove that Tesla is demand constrained.

Many Chinese customers did not feel they needed or wanted the extra range/power of the 85.

Tesla did not want to “force” these customers into the 85 when they wanted to the 60. Because of the internet every body knows what options and pricing is being offered around the world. Offering the base model is part of fair pricing Tesla imperative.

Chinese like Audi more than BMW and Mercedes. Audi has been there since 1993. And Chinese rich were driving those cars. Now, the newly minted millionaires still have th emindset to own an Audi, as they saw while growing up.

Human psychology is a strange thing!

It is available in Europe and always has been.

USA has by far the lowest car prices world-wide. In Europe you pay at least USD 85’000 for a 60Kwh Model S. The Model S for 100’000 in China after import tax is quite aggressive and since this market sells 19 Mio car per year and the fact the government serious want to push electric vehicles, Tesla will find its way in high-end, also be aware that USA is 2-3 years ahead in market development.