Tesla Model S 60 kWh Named Among Car And Driver’s 10 Best Cars Of 2015


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Model S Front Trunk (Frunk)

Model S Front Trunk (Frunk)

The Tesla Model S 60 kWh is listed in Car And Driver’s “10 Best Cars” for 2015.

Frankly, it’s about time the Model S made the list.  Here are a few reasons why we believe it should’ve been selected years ago.

  • Large amount of seating and cargo room with an additional front trunk (Frunk)
  • Long range on a single charge
  • Quick and free charging (Supercharging)
  • Over-the-air firmware updates 
  • It is quick!

Seriously, the list goes go on and on.

Car And Driver nominated a 60 kWh Model S (which is the entry level battery pack) because it still provides the range and power to suit most needs, while keeping the price a lot lower than say P85 or P85+ Model S.

Check out Car And Driver’s “10 Best Cars” list here and/or the magazine’s full review of the Model S here.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S interior with the 17″ Touch screen display.

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It was not selected before because this is the first year that Tesla has sent a Model S 60 to C&D.
The P85 is above the 10Best price range. (2.5 times the price of the average car ~$80k)

So is the reason the “s 60” is more efficient than the “s 85” solely due to low resistance tires? The weight difference can’t be that big a deal, can it?

Same induction motor
Same battery cells
Same investor
Same basic tires
Same body (equal aerodynamic drag)

So, what is different? The weight of the car with less batteries.

It’s impossible for such little weight loss to make that much difference in efficiency.

There’s something else at play. Maybe the 60kWh cells are a bit different (lower density, but better round-trip efficiency). Maybe they tested with different tires.

S cars and X cars are designed for and selling to the 1%. Tesla will explode into profitability with the advent of the Gen 3. There will be a trail of abandoned Leafs, when the model 3 hits the showrooms.

Exactly. I am leasing another leaf in April until the next Tesla model comes out. If it comes out before my next lease is up, I will be canceling the lease for a Tesla

Angelo you are NUTS!