Tesla Model S Joins This Exclusive 500-kW Plus Club


There’s very little need for any passenger car with 500 kW or more of power, nonetheless, the Tesla Model S is admitted into the “Fright Club.”

Performance cars are getting more and more powerful on a regular basis. According to Drive.com.au, the 700-horsepower Lamborghini Aventador was the first car in Australia to pass the “magic mark.” Now, there are a variety of vehicles that could join the club. The publication picks its top three “Crazy cars,” and one just happens to be a Tesla: the Model S P100D, of course.

The Tesla Model S P100D churns out 575 kW and a minimum of 931Nm of torque. These numbers are difficult to test and tend to fluctuate based on the source, but it’s a ton of power no matter how you look at it. The car is good for at least a 2.7-second 0-100-km/h sprint. However, with Ludicrous+, tests have proven it can accelerate much quicker. Drive shares:

In any case, the Tesla is a technical marvel, an engineering achievement that led the way for mainstream brands which are readying electric cars with similar capabilities for introduction in the near future. 

The Tesla is like the Terminator, a futuristic character steadily building its capabilities while threatening the very existence of less sophisticated species.

Video Description via Drive.com.au on YouTube:

Driving the exclusive 500kW club with Porsche, Tesla and Jeep.

This makes no sense.

In a world of speed limits, endless traffic, and ever-increasing responsibility, surely there is no point to cars with more than 500kW of power.

Lamborghini was the first to top that magic mark in Australia with the seven hundred horsepower Aventador, but the number of cars with that awesome level of performance has grown to include a variety of machines.

Which is how I came to find myself with the keys to three remarkable cars with well more than 1500kW between them.

All three offer blockbuster performance in remarkably different ways.

Source: Drive.com.au


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It doesn’t matter if a car makes 10000000 jigawatts of power nor does power to weight ratio matter. What matters is how that power is used for performance. In that, nothing beats P100DL.

If “performance” = “0-60 time”, then I agree with you. There are other metrics like Pike’s Peak climb time that measure the car’s acceleration, top speed, and handling abilities.

You know what he meant.

He used the wrong word.