Tesla Model S Was #2 Seller In U.S.’ Large Luxury Car Segment In 2014


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Whether or not the Tesla Model S belongs in the large luxury car segment is certainly open for debate (Tesla itself says the Model S is not a luxury car), but if we accept this segment as being where the Model S belongs, then here’s how the U.S. sales figures played out for 2014.

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class – 25,276
  • Tesla Model S – 17,300*
  • BMW 7-Series – 9,744
  • BMW 6-Series – 8,647
  • Lexus LS – 8,559
  • Audi A7 – 8,133
  • Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class – 6,981
  • Audi A8 – 5,904
  • Porsche Panamera – 5,740
  • Jaguar XJ – 4,329

Total – 83,313

We should note that the 17,300* Tesla Model S sales include Canadian sales (as the company split out 55% of total sales to North America in its Q4/full year earnings report last month), but even if we were to remove Canada from the equation, the Model S would easily remain in the #2 spot.

Why’s the S-Class so hot?Β  It was all-new for 2014. In fact, S-Class sales shot up by 90% in 2014, as compared to 2013.

When Model S sales are put in perspective like this, it’s all the more impressive what Tesla has achieved in so little time, isn’t it?

Via Rob Stark – Tesla Motors Club Forum

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Nice. πŸ™‚

Only a matter of time before Tesla will number one, the others must be worried as that is 17,000 cars that they did not sell and service.

The S class plug-in hybrid is warming up as we speak. Will be here next year.
If Tesla didn’t push so hard in Q4 of 2014, upping the discounts and coming up with P85D, it could easily be behind BMW 7 series.
The worst part is, Tesla loses money even in this premium segment, with ZEV and tax credits, while others make most of their money in this segment.

What discounts is Tesla offering? How do you get these discounts? I tried buying a demo car in December and they were not much less than retail. Especially considering I didn’t want most of the options.

Um, see through pulls all his anti-Tesla statements out of his rear end. Nothing he says about Tesla is ever based on facts

They cleared a lot by Nov. You should register your name/email at local Tesla store, and tell them you are looking for cheaper. When they have, they will give a call. If you just call and ask once, I think they suspect you are more of an investor/short seller.

Search the forums on internet. This is pretty well known now. Musk himself admitted this in last earnings call.

Read the article “Tesla Model S Showroom Discounts Doubled On Outdated Loaner Cars” by Jorge Sierra on greencarreports.com. There are many other examples of pretty big discounts.
P85D cars were also shipped in unfinished state with wrong seats/steering wheels. That’s what I meant by “big push”

Check out that article instead of name calling in desperation.

It’s true, Tesla did double the tiny discount it gives on loaner and demo cars, to clear out the single-drive Model S’s so they could start using new “D” dual drive cars as demos and loaners. Doubled the $1 off per odometer mile to $2 per mile. That incentive is comparable to a gas guzzler dealer’s “year end closeout” deals, except that Tesla didn’t have to discount their demo/loaner cars -nearly- as much to sell them quickly.

It’s hilarious that Tesla bashers (like “See Through”) are so desperate to find something, -anything- negative to say about Tesla that they would try to hold this up as some sort of “fire sale” pricing!

“Twice nothing is still nothing.” –Cyrano Jones, Classic Star Trek: “The Trouble with Tribbles”

Because the other manufacturers aren’t pushing to sell every vehicle possible?


From what I could see in the latest quarter report they have a 22 % margin on every car, 27 if you include zev-credits!
– that is really good and paves a solid foundation for a cheap Model 3 where the profit lies in numbers rather than individual sales.

Tesla do make a lot of money, they just decide to invest right now in more infrastructure and bigger plants to be able to make even more cars πŸ™‚

LOL you think BMW USA makes most of its money on these 15,000 cars? Not the other 300,000+? Large luxury cars are icing on the cake for these brands, not their main source of profit.

Tesla’s losses come from an ambition to grow by a factor of 10, which is something no major automaker is attempting.

I bet 2015 S-class sales, including PHEV, will be less than the 25,276 in 2014. It’s not gonna be the game changer you think it will.

Sorry to see the Model S slip to the #2 position. πŸ™ Hopefully that will be corrected this year, as Tesla continues to ramp up production.

All models dropping sales in an overall growing segment except for the two models that are offered as plugins plus the S-Class which is the benchmark for every luxury car.

If that’s not a wake up call for the traditional manufacturers then I don’t know what is.

With the Model X added to the competition this year, and even more so next year it should start to burn under their asses to get moving.


Wow, via me.


You have spelled your name wrong πŸ˜›

Electric fits the segment. Two more years of direct market share hits. Then, will PHEV/EREV work, or has it got to be big battery & network? If customers wise up fast, and its the latter, just imagine.

“50%” growth in superchargers this year, per Tesla.

This is a good thing.

the Mercedes S class has one of the largest deprecation of any car you can buy one in great condition for under $10k. people only keep them until the next update.

But with such sales this mean loyalty and clients who can afford newest.

BTW tesla in norway see right now same pattern – D models are that much better.

S class is multiple vehicles? Not sure this is a fair comparison at all?

S Class and CLS Class is two different vehicles.

It’s multiple vehicles in the sense that the Tesla has different battery sizes, dual drive etc.

So it’s fair.

One of the reasons that Mercedes S Class sales are so high is that most car service companies have been buying them to replace the discontinued Lincoln Town Car.

Why isn’t the model s a large luxury car? I really can’t see where else it would fit? It’s hardly a compact family car. It’s doing great and tesla should be proud of their achievements but a spade is a spade.

Insideeevs.com is definitely a pro-Tesla site , kinda Tesla leaflet .

It’s interesting that 15% on pannamera sales where plug-in, not I suspect a worry for Tesla but suggests that perhaps Lexus should pull their finger out before the rest of the Germans turn up with a plugin version

sorry this wasn’t a reply to this comment

It’s interesting that 15% on pannamera sales where plug-in, not I suspect a worry for Tesla but suggests that perhaps Lexus should pull their finger out before the rest of the Germans turn up with a plugin versions of their cars.